20 Rejuvenating Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50

by Kristiyana

The start of a new season is the perfect time for a makeover, don’t you think? Should you do your nails, buy a new eyeshadow, or blouse? Why not start with a rejuvenating medium length hairstyle for a woman over 50? Such a change will surely breathe back some youth into your whole appearance! 

Rejuvenating Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50

golden balayage for medium length hair for ladies aged 50

A lot of mature women might think that changing their hair can’t really make much of a difference with their looks, but trust me, it does. As someone who’s been examining this subject quite closely and has written numerous articles on the topic, I know for a fact that there really are haircuts that can hide 10 years off your real age. And then, there are hairstyles that are outdated and can add further to your age after you have reached your fifties. But which ones can actually have a rejuvenating effect? We unfold.

Medium Length Brunette Hair with Gold Balayage Over 50

youthful medium length blonde balayage for 50 year old woman


Want to add a youthful vibe to your medium-length brunette hair? Spice it up with a gorgeous balayage! Ask your hair stylist to cut up any dead ends, and create face-framings pieces at the front with the help of a balayage. Opt for caramel or honey-coloured tones to complement your natural brunette hair.

Youthful Mid-Length Angled Bob for Healthy Ageing Hair

rejuvenating medium length angled bob for ladies at age 50

If you are striving for healthy hair over 50, taking a lot of your lengths will surely liven it up. However, if you still want to preserve some of the long length, you can opt for this youthful and modern medium length angled bob. A bob haircut is a classic when it comes to hairstyles, as it can look good on anyone. Wear the angled bob messy, wavy or slightly curled for a stylish look.

Chic Bottleneck Bangs to Nicely Frame Your Face Over 50

bottleneck bangs for women over 50

What type of bangs to wear as a woman in her fifties? Go with chic bottleneck bangs! These will nicely frame your face, while hiding some of your forehead wrinkles at the same time. Combine them with an effortless mid-length wavy hairstyle, which can be achieved with a curling iron and a volumizing hairspray.

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Rejuvenating Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Glasses

gray medium length hairstyle over 50 with glasses

Among the rejuvenating medium length hairstyles for women over 50, which one would be perfect for a woman with glasses? Opt for this classy and elegant silver hairdo with faux curtain bangs that create a beautiful frame for your glasses. Remember, to keep your silver hair looking vibrant, use a purple shampoo to get rid of any yellow tones.

Natural Mid-Length Curly Hair with Minimal Layers in Your Fifties

rejuvenating soft curls for women aged 50 with mid length hair

Which youthful mid-length hairstyle should a 50-year-old-woman with curly hair wear? As you probably know, curly hair requires more effort than straight hair. To keep your curls healthy, style your hair into a medium length cut with a few subtle razored layers to add dimension and movement. Keep it looking effortlessly beautiful with a volumizing moose.

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More Rejuvenating Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50

gray shoulder length hairstyle for mature ladies

Movie star hair over 50 with loose golden curls

glamourous medium length hairstyle with curls for women over 50

Brings your curls back to life after 50 with this haircut

mid length loose and wild messy curls for older women

A chic pink balayage to make you look younger

medium length pink balayage for ladies over fifty

Stylish side-swept bangs hide forehead wrinkles

side swept mid length hairstyle for ladies over fifty

Youthful wavy lob cut for women over 50

rejuvenating medium length wavy lob hairstyle for 50 year old women

The perfect red hair colour for a rejuvenating look

red medium length hairstyle for women over 50 with face framing highlights

Rejuvenating mid-length haircut for women with darker skin

rejuvenating medium haircuts for women over 50

Stylish silver long bob for women with gray hair

long bob lob hairstyle for women over fifty with gray hair

Beachy blonde waves for a rejuvenating effect over 50

mid length beachy blonde waves for women 50

Woman over 50 with lightly layered mid-length hair 

lightly layered haircut for older women over 50

Bouncy butterfly haircut with curtain bangs

medium length bouncy butterfly haircut with curtain bangs for ladies over 50

Feathery vanilla blonde hair with bangs for older women

feathery vanilla blonde hairstyle with bangs

Gorgeous gold balayage for women in their fifties

golden balayage for medium length hair for ladies aged 50

Rejuvenating medium length hairstyles for women over 50 with straight hair

rejuvenating medium length blonde haircut for older women with straight hair

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