Rejuvenating Medium Spiky Haircuts for Over 50 That Add an Edgy Vibe to Your Look!

by Kremy

Sometimes it’s enough to change your hairstyle to a more fashionable one and you will look 10 years younger! Medium spiky haircuts for over 50 are ideal for ladies that want to add an edgy vibe to their look. As we all know, with age, hair becomes thinner and loses volume but with some clever styling we can make our hair more voluminous.

Medium Spiky Haircuts for Over 50 – The Perfect Hairstyle for Thin Hair

rejuvenating medium spiky haircuts for over 50 that add an edgy vibe to your look

Which haircut makes you look younger after 50? The right haircut and well-groomed hair can help you look younger. Short and layered medium length haircuts that beautifully frame the face are truly flattering to mature women. Does this sound familiar to you? What if you want to add some edgy vibe to your hairstyle? A well thought out carelessness will give dynamism and liveliness to any hairstyle and allow you to look young and modern. Medium spiky haircuts for over 50 allow you to create this artistic disorder and are the perfect hairstyle for thin hair that adds volume. Don’t you prefer a chaotically arranged hair rather than a smooth and neat haircut?

What Is the Right Hair Length for Medium Spiky Haircuts for Over 50?

what is the right hair length for medium spiky haircuts for over 50


Can you nail the spiky style on longer hair? Generally, it is easier to master the look on a short haircut like the Pixie, but it is not impossible to create the edgy look on longer hair. Obviously, shoulder length haircuts or medium length hairstyles are more difficult to style, yet there are some variations that can be styled with delicate spikes. Anyway, the right length for spiky hairstyles should be on shorter side – chin length is best.

spiky haircuts for over 50 messy pixie bob

Short and medium length cascading haircuts are fashionable, comfortable and voluminous. What else do you need to look your best? Despite the fact that the haircut has become fashionable in the 60s, it has not lost its relevance to this day. If you want to opt for an edgy look, you can easily style it at home.

Medium spiky haircuts for over 50 also include the shaggy hairstyles. Generally, every chin length layered hairstyle can be transformed into a spiky haircut. Yes, even the wolf shag or the mullet can be given a new and fresh look.

Stacked Bob Haircut

stacked bob haircut theresa caputo

The straight stacked bob of Theresa Caputo was her signature hairstyle for years. This is the perfect haircut for some spiky strands which will make the look even more dynamic.

The Stacked Inverted Bob Is Perfect for Spikes

stacked inverted bob is perfect for spikes

An inverted bob with heavily textured ends is among the perfect edgy hairstyles. This haircut gives lots of texture and movement and the asymmetrical shape allows you to style the shorter layers into spikes.

Feathered Bob Haircut

medium spiky haircuts for over 50 feathered chin length bob

A feathered bob haircut adds elegance and cuteness. This style of haircut gives volume, helps to correct the shape of the face and outline its oval. Use pomade or other styling product to give the ends the rejuvenating edgy look!

Rejuvenating Medium Spiky Haircuts for Over 50 – Choppy Bob

rejuvenating medium spiky haircuts for over 50 choppy bob

A shag cut with choppy layers adds a lot of volume to thin hair. Unlike long bob haircuts, the shag has more layers and the different lengths of the strands allow you to style a spiky look. The long choppy bangs frame the face and works perfectly with the shaggy bob.

Shaggy Layered Bob

shaggy layered bob haircut for mature women

The shaggy layered bob of Jane Fonda is iconic with its edgy look. This hairstyle looks light and airy, and the shaggy layers add a lot of texture to the hair. The ear-length haircut is versatile and allows you to style in different ways.

Long Pixie with Shaggy Layers

long pixie with shaggy layers and wispy bangs spiky hairstyles for over 50

The long pixie is among the most popular spiky haircuts. It is versatile and easy to style and clearly highlighted cheekbone line. The elegant hairstyle with wispy bangs is ideal for women over 50. It is undemanding and you can maintain the shape with regular visits to the hairdresser.

The Karen Haircut for Women Over 50

the karen haircut for women over 50

The Karen haircut is a mix between an asymmetrical bob and a pixie. This is the perfect choice when you want an edgy look and the spiky finish of the short layers makes mature women look younger.

How to Spike Short and Medium Length Hair?

how to spike short and medium length hair

What you need is a hair brush, styling pomade or styling spritz.

  • Comb your hair.
  • Take the styling pomade and rub some on your hands.
  • Apply on the strands to create the spikes.



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