Top 5 bangs that make you look younger: anti-aging hairstyles for women over 60

by Kremy

Let’s talk about anti-aging hairstyles for women over 60! Aging is an unavoidable process, and most women dread it more than anything else. However, once you learn to accept the fact that you can look great despite your age, you will feel and look much better. Many women love to experiment with their looks – they change the color of their hair or try different hairstyles. However, most ladies are not that eager about bangs. Why is that? On the first place, it is the uncertainty what to choose, whether it will suit you, your hair texture and face shape. Then we come to the question “will this type of bangs make look older?” The truth is that there is nothing to worry about! We are here for you! Today we shall show you the top 5 bangs that make you look younger!

Anti-aging bangs hairstyles for women over 60 – experts’ tips for choosing your fringe

Anti aging bangs hairstyles for women over 60 how to choose your fringe

A haircut is an important element of your overall appearance and can make you look younger or older. Hair stylists offer a variety of rejuvenating hairstyles, suitable for different ages, face types and hair types. A lot of women ask themselves – Do I need bangs? Any hair dresser will tell you that bangs are always fashionable and suitable for absolutely every woman. Properly selected bangs will not only look stylish, but also make the lady visually younger.

Is there a universal type of bangs that suits all women? Well, we do not know about universal but we know about the top bangs that make you look younger. When choosing your fringe, the main thing is to consider the structure of your hair and the shape of your face.

Top 5 bangs that make you look younger, more attractive and fresh

Top 5 bangs that make you look younger and more attractive


We have said many times that with the help of bangs you can hide fine line and wrinkles and correct flaws in your appearance. Do you know what’s more? Bangs make the face look more attractive and fresh. In addition, it can help you direct the look to your eyes or on the lower part of the face. A fringe can balance your facial features and makes your hair look more voluminous. Do you need more arguments to go for a fringe? Let’s see what the top bangs that make you look younger are!

Long bangs

anti aging hairstyles for women over 60 Bowl Pixie Hairstyle with long bangs

Long bangs are one of the trendiest bangs in 2023. It’s practically a win-win option. Why? Because long bags looks great with short, medium long and long hair. It visually elongate the face and is suitable for straight, wavy or curly hair. For example, a pixie with long bangs is one of the most popular rejuvenating hairstyles for women over 60. You can choose any of the short bob (French bob, very short bob) or pixie haircut variations – bixie, bowl pixie, etc.

bob with long bangs Top bangs that make you look younger

If you prefer medium length hairstyles – bob variations are endless. Wavy bob, layered bob, Inverted bob, Shoulder grazing bob, etc.

Curtain Bangs for women over 60

curtain bangs rejuvenating hairstyles for women over 60

Curtain Bangs are super trendy in 2023. The elongated bangs frame the face beautifully and add visual volume to the haircut. Such bangs can correct the proportions of the face and hide some visible flaws. Are curtain bangs suitable for thin hair? Absolutely! This is a great choice for medium length hairstyles like classic or layered bob as well as long hair.

Bangs that make you look younger – Side bangs

rejuvenating hairstyles women over 60 long side bangs

For several years now side bangs for women over 60 remain super fashionable as they are suitable for hairstyles of different lengths. This type of bangs corrects the appearance and makes the face more proportionate, tender and makes women look exceptionally feminine and elegant.

Wispy bangs

rounded bob with wispy bangs for women over 50

Wispy bangs come in many variations – long, extended on the sides, straight, etc. Now, If there is a universal type of bangs that make you look younger, this is the one! It goes with almost any hairstyle – short, medium long or long – pixie, trendy bowl cut, bobs of all length, as well as asymmetrical and layered hairstyles. Do you want to diversify your hairstyle and give it a sharper, trendier look? Then wispy bangs are the perfect choice for you!

Asymmetrical bangs make you look younger

asymmetrical bangs make you look younger trendy hairstyles

Asymmetrical bangs for women over 60 will be a great choice for mature ladies who like to express their personality and are not afraid of bold hairstyles. What is so great about asymmetrical bangs? They are suitable for short and medium long or long hair. The fringe can divert the attention from large facial features. Asymmetrical bangs can be short or long and if you style them sideways, for example, this will help you correct the height of the forehead and hide age-related problems like wrinkles and lines.


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