How to style the Clavicut 2023 haircut? Find 10+ ideas that will be perfect for this spring!

by Gabby

We are getting closer and closer to spring time and I cannot be more excited. You are probably ready as much as I am, to switch our winter style and turn to the spring fashion trends. It is the same when it comes to our hair! Sometimes, during winter it can look really dull and lifeless! How to give our hair a new life? With a fresh cut, of course! Don’t worry, I am not here today to persuade you to choose a short bob hairstyle, or something similar. The spotlight is on the Clavicut 2023 haircut, which according to the hair specialists will the SUPER trendy this spring! What is it exactly? How to style it? Is it suitable for you? Let’s find out!

clavicut haircut trend 2023 mid length hair how to style it ideas

What is the Clavicut haircut 2023?

This hairstyle gained a lot of popularity recently on Instagram and TikTok. What exactly is it? If you’re not ready to indulge in short hairstyles and cut your hair drastically, this is the one for you. It’s something between a lob and a bob, which makes Clavicut 2023 suitable for everyone. From the name you can tell that it should be no longer than your clavicles. It comes in different varieties, which means that both curly girls and the ones with straight hair can adapt it easily. Because of the supper flattering way that highlights your features, most of the girls will be wearing it this spring for sure!

clavicut 2023 haircut trends lob women hairstyles


Clavicut hairstyle with bangs

clavicut haircut with bangs 2023 hairstyle women ideas

The Clavicut, as I already mentioned, comes in different styles that you can adapt to your personal preferences. If you want to start this spring with something different and outside the box, try wispy bangs with your haircut. This hairstyle is not very short. According to hair stylists, if you can wear it in a ponytail than it should be classified as Clavicut and not bob. If you already have that wavy hair texture, you will not go out of your way when it comes to styling it every day. You can use a volumizing product to define the waves and leave this natural beachy kind of look for the spring. And for the ladies who have that super curly hair, check out the hairstyles that will be trendy in 2023!

Clavicut 2023: Straight hairstyle

clavicut straight hair lob ideas women haircut trends 2023

Contrary to popular belief, the Clavicut haircut appeared way before the bob made its huge comeback in 2022. It was the top pick among celebrities and many of them still ware the Clavicut with pride. Now, I am not going to waste your time with questions like “What came first, the egg or the chicken?”… The important thing is that if you have straight hair who needs a little shine and volume, the Clavicut is the perfect way to treat yourself for this spring! If you are not a fan of bangs, you can easily ask your hairdresser for the blunt haircut without fringe. For a flattering appearance, I would suggest using a product that will make your hair less frizzy and give it more shine.

Scandi waves

scandi waves hairstyle 2023 ideas how to style

Versatile and easy to recreate, the Clavicut 2022 cut can also be worn slightly wavy for a casual or elegant look. My favorite scandi waves or the minimalist waves that bring that little je ne sais quoi to the hair are back this season! They look a little bit too perfect and if you opt for a messy look, don’t use a curling iron to style your Clavicut. In general, hairstyle trends have slightly moved direction from being too structured, to being gentle and effortless. Just like in fashion these days, the minimalism prevails. For the bold ladies out here, if you are ready to take the leap and cut your hair short, the undone bob haircut is the best one to try for the same effect ! In order to achieve these beach waves, you can simply watch this tutorial!

How to style Clavicut hairstyle? Try NO HEAT messy beach waves in 2 minutes!

You want volume? You want messy hairstyle but at the same time a chic look? Well, you can actually achieve this in 2 minutes! All you need to do is find a product that works well for your hair and watch this tutorial for the full instructions!

Other Clavicut 2023 haircut ideas

women hairstyle trends 2023 clavicut lob medium length hair

Wavy Clavicut hairstyle

wavy clavicut hairstyle to adapt in 2023 zendaya haircut women trends

Blonde Clavicut 2023 hairstyle with curls

medium length hairstyle women trends blonde haircut with curls

Clavicut for straight hair

straight hair clavicut women hairstyle trends 2023 medium length ideas

How to style the Clavicut in 2023?

how to style the clavicut in 2023

Clavicut 2023 with bangs

lob ideas clavicut hair trends

Kaia Gerber’s haircut

kaia gerber clavicut hairstyle 2023

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