Undone Bob 2023: This hairstyle is Haute Couture and creates a unique look for anyone who has it

by Kristiyana

It’s only February, but the Undone Bob is well on its way to becoming one of the most trendy hairstyles of the year. It’s essentially a livelier and more textured version of the French bob. Not only that, but it’s chic, edgy and shockingly low maintenance. No wonder so many celebrities are obsessed with it: Hailey Bieber, Aubrey Plaza, Kourtney Kardashian Barker, Sabrina Elba and many more have all worn an Undone Bob in recent months. Apparently, everyone is in their short hair era. So, it’s definitely worth learning all about one of the trendiest hairstyles in 2023!

What distinguishes an Undone Bob from its predecessor?


The Undone Bob is a variation of the classic bob hairstyle, but with more texture and movement. It differs from the French bob, which has a smoother and more polished look, while the Undone version adds layers and choppiness to the entire haircut. Compared to a blunt bob, the shape is more textured and feathered at the ends.

In short, the Undone Bob looks and feels much more vibrant than the traditional haircut, which is why it is so sought after. Undone hair has been a big inspiration for hairstylists lately. This is because many women want haircuts that suit their texture and look good with or without a lot of styling.



It is also so versatile that, technically, no two Undone bobs should be the same. This type of haircut is couture and creates a unique look for everyone who has it. That’s why Hailey Bieber’s new bob hairstyle looks so different from Jenna Ortega’s and so on. The beauty of this haircut is that it can really be customized to you, with relatively little maintenance.

Medium-length Undone Bob with side parting


Try a stunning look with a deep side parting on short hair with subtle layers. This way, you will add bounce and movement to your strands. An undone bob is easy to maintain and so versatile, and a deep side parting is great for women with a round face to elongate and add a little emphasis.

Casual ombre Bob hairstyle for thick hair


Do you have thick hair? This messy bob hairstyle is very thick, and the curls are not that controlled, which adds a lot of vibrancy to the look. The hairstyle is perfect for everyday wear and for someone who has a fun personality. The soft ombre that transitions from dark brown to dark blonde adds colour and expression to the look.

Blue chin-length Undone Bob for punk rock girls


A blue messy bob hairstyle is perfect for someone with a unique personality which they want to show off. The haircut itself looks messy because of the volume at the top where the hair is pushed to one side. It’s a slightly choppy look that is very interesting, free-spirited and punk rock.

Undone Bob haircut with textured ends


Cut down on your hair weight and try an Undone Bob with textured ends. The casual hairstyle will give your hair a retro look and bring life to your strands. Your mane will even appear thicker if you cut off all the dead ends for a fuller shape.

Messy and charming short Bob for women


Natural hairstyles in a dark brown hair colour are beautiful and look very neat. However, this haircut has a touch of chaos thanks to the crimped and curled tips that take on a life of their own. A pixie-like look that exudes a lot of personality.

Pink Bob with bangs shows off your personality


Pink is always a great colour. This messy bob hairstyle is longer than most, and it’s messy because it has lots of loose curls and some loose hair on top. The hair is of a soft pink colour that shows off your personality well.

Lob with choppy bangs suits all face shapes


An extra-long bob with choppy bangs that reach past your shoulders is a great cut if you’re not ready to commit to shorter hair. You can still put it up in a ponytail if needed, making it ideal for sporty women. This suits all face shapes. The bangs bring out your eyes, as the length above the brows is adorned with interesting choppy details.

Asymmetrical Bob with curls for a cool look


Want a messy look? This bob is made up of thick, loose curls that are a little scattered, so it looks messy. It has a side parting, so a lot of the hair falls over the face as extra-long, thick bangs. One side is also slightly longer than the other, which creates asymmetry.


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