How to style box braids? Buns, half ponytails and more styling options!

by Anjelina

Trendy and stylish, box braids are the perfect option to enhance and preserve Afro manes. On a bob or long hair, in a ponytail or decorated with jewelry, these African braids can be worn in a thousand and one ways. In fact, that’s why we love them! In addition to adapting to all hair lengths, they can be tied up to give you a maximum look and highlight your face. Learn how to style box braids with the help of some photos we have prepared for you. Also, check out some scarf hairstyle ideas in the video tutorial below.

How to style your box braids without damaging them?

how to style box braids afro style

Box braids are primarily a protective hairstyle that aims to keep dry, damaged hair from breaking. Before braiding, tying or scarfing your box braids, it’s crucial to moisturize and nourish them. So opt for gentle, natural shampoos, homemade dry hair masks and hair oils. When it comes to hair, anything goes. Loose box braids on a pretty bob adorned with hair rings, long ponytail, half bun, space buns, pigtails or even fake fishtail braid. And this is precisely because we do not adapt to the style of box braids. They are in fact the ones that bend according to our desires.

Video tutorial: 6 hairstyle ideas for tying up your hair with a scarf



How do you tie your box braids for an easy and original hairstyle? With a scarf, of course! Very popular during the 60s, the silk scarf, like the giant scrunchie, is back on the fashion scene, but this time to style box braids. Chic, bohemian and always in vogue, this accessory promises to add a twist to any length. It is also very useful in case of hair regrowth or to camouflage greasy roots. Whether it’s a headband, a turban or a high ponytail, this accessory allows you to use your creativity and imagination while highlighting your braids. Follow the video tutorial above to discover how to style your box braids easily and in no time. We just tested some of the looks, and we have to say that they are very practical for sleeping.

PHOTOS: The most beautiful styles of box braids seen on the Web

ways to style your box braids using hair accessories


When we say box braids, we immediately think of Beyonce’s long, braided hair. However, your hair doesn’t have to be long to embrace this hair trend. The box braids on a long bob are quite possible. Except that in this case, we are a little limited in terms of hairstyle. The main trend for this type of length is to tie your braids in a half ponytail or to use hair piercings. On long hair, you can do anything. Half-bun, low bun, high ponytail, fake fishtail, high macarons, bantu knots, etc. For a rock or punk look, some girls choose to color their braids platinum blonde. For more inspiration on the subject, check out our gallery.

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Space buns and baby braids 

space buns and baby braids to style your box braids

Braided high bun and hair rings hairstyle

braided high bun and hair rings hairstyle

Cute high pigtails hairstyle 

cute high pigtails hairstyle to try with box braids

Box braids in platinum blonde

box braids in platinum blonde

Twisted box braids hairstyle

twisted box braids hairstyle

Three macaron buns for a sharp look

three macaron buns for a sharp look

Box braids tied in a low bun

box braids tied in a low bun

Half high bun hairstyle 

half high bun hairstyle box braids

Messy look – high bun on the head

messy look high bun on the head

Bantu knots

bantu knots trendy way to style box braids

Braided bob with hair rings

braided bob with hair rings

Box braids with undercut

box braids with undercut

Medusa ponytail with hair rings

Medusa ponytail with hair rings

A half ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for long African braids

a half ponytail the perfect hairstyle for long African braids

Look gorgeous with larger braids

look gorgeous with larger braids

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