Does the inverted bob with bangs for women over 60 make you look younger? The answer in 5 anti-aging looks to wear in 2023!

by Kremy

Anti-wrinkle creams, homemade face masks, facial yoga, Gua Sha massage, contouring, etc. There are many ways to rejuvenate yourself without going through surgery. Our favourite? Choosing a good anti-aging and easy-going haircut. However, what haircut to choose when you have wrinkles? Well, if we have to choose only one option in 2023, it will probably be the inverted bob with bangs for 60 year old women! It’s stylish, it’s feminine and it’s trendy! In short, we love it! And in addition to enlarging the eyes, making the mouth fuller, it seems to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The proof in 5 inverted bob with bangs hairstyles to show to your hairdresser to make you look younger after your sixties.

Which bob hairstyle for 60 year old women will make you look younger in 2023?

inverted bob with bangs 60 year old women colored hair wavy bob hairstyle trend 2023

What if you cut your hair to start 2023 in style? French bob, bottleneck bob, sliced bob, liquid hair bob, box bob, airy bob or Italian bob… There are countless versions of the bob haircut that flood the Web every day. Which one to choose this winter? Whether layered, asymmetrical, with curtain or tapered bangs, blonde or salt and pepper hairstyle, the inverted bob haircut for 60 year old women still has a long way to go and will continue its reign in 2023. Its major advantage? It adapts to all face shapes! The same goes for all hair types. Yes, even on curly hair. So, you are sure to find the lob style suits you best. However, if your heart swings between the trendy hairstyle of the moment and the Pixie cut, another anti-aging look that is very popular with people in their sixties, the Bixie cut is the one to go for.

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Layered bob with tapered bangs

layered inverted bob with tapered bangs women over 60


To add volume to the lob (long bob) after 60, the best way is to bet on layers and the tapered bangs or the Bardot fringe. A technique that consists of cutting some locks shorter than others in order to revitalize thin, flat hair after 60. As the layered bob is worn unstructured, it is very easy to maintain. A touch-up every three months is more than enough to maintain its shape.

Long bob with wispy bangs

bob hairstyle with curtain bangs women over 60 2023

A haircut for women over 60 par excellence, the inverted lob with bangs is attracting more and more people in their sixties. Sophisticated, airy and full of movement, it adapts to almost every face shape. A word of caution if you have a long face: this haircut may accentuate the length of your face. In this case, it is better to opt for a short bob hairstyle. To add a touch of glamor to the inverted lob, the long curtain bangs is the ideal ally. How to style it? A quick blow-dry is all it takes for the most elegant results. For a perfectly smooth look, opt for the straightener. However, it is preferable to style the bangs with a round brush to avoid the “helmet” effect. Finish by spraying a fixing product.

Asymmetrical hairstyle with side bangs

inverted bob with side bangs women after 50 years old salt and pepper hair

For a rock’n’roll look, dare the asymmetrical inverted bob! It is perfect for those of you who do not necessarily want to cut their hair after 60. Plus, it leaves you room to maneuver, if need be. Either way, the strands reaching below the shoulders on one side and barely touching the collarbone on the other look sensual and very attractive. The only downside with this haircut? It is not the easiest to maintain. However, it is suitable for all colors: blond, brown, auburn or salt and pepper, etc. As for the bangs, the asymmetrical inverted bob is worn with a large lock on the side. Bardot bangs are not recommended in this case.

Airy bob with long bangs

inverted bob with bangs 60 year old women airy bob gray hair 2023

We have said it over and over again, the older you get, the more you need to soften your facial features with an airy bob with bangs! The latest to steal from the girls in the spotlight that will make you look younger is the airy bob that can be worn on gray hair as well as on a freshly colored mane. As its name suggests, it is a layered bob that stands out for its ultra airy and trendy look. In addition to rejuvenating the features of mature women thanks to its attractive natural lifting effect, the airy haircut goes well with cat eye style glasses.

Short bob with curtain bangs

bob hairstyles with bangs for 60 year old women

Bobcat, boxbob, boyfriend bob, pob…. the short bob haircut is infinitely versatile. If you want to hide forehead wrinkles or enhance a round face, there’s nothing like the short inverted bob with wispy bangs. For an equally trendy look, you can wear your parting on the side and opt for a lock type fringe, and opt for a wispy fringe, most often layered or tapered, to be worn sideways as well. Natural, elegant and easy to style, the short inverted bob is the bob that best suits your face. What’s more, it looks great on all face shapes (square, oval, long, diamond, triangle, etc.) without exception. To enhance it and adapt it to your age, add unstructured bangs. And for 60-somethings with fine, flat hair, there’s no need to break it up, because the clean-cut ends create the illusion of a thick, voluminous cut.

How to do an inverted bob yourself?



At the risk of repeating ourselves, the inverted bob with bangs suits the majority of faces. But its major advantage remains the fact that it is very easy to achieve. And the videos available on the web are the proof of that. And if the tutorials are constantly multiplying, that of Estelle David deserves your attention. The professional blogger and hairstylist will show you how to DIY a wavy inverted bob with side bangs. Check out his video above.

How to style an inverted bob with bangs for 60 year old women?

Which bob hairstyle for 60 year old women will make you look younger in 2023

It’s decided! To start 2023 as it should be, you dare the inverted bob with bangs! But how do you style your hair when you try this haircut? Timeless and versatile, this trendy hairstyle can be worn in several stylish ways. To enhance it, there’s nothing like pairing it with tapered bangs, curtain or even bottleneck bangs. And to give it some movement, especially with thin hair, do not hesitate to curl it. At 40, 50 or even 60, the wavy bob has everything you need to look younger. Combining it with a side parting is also a nice option to style it and make it asymmetrical. Hair color trends for women after 50 are another way to spice it up.



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