French Pedicure Trends Summer 2023: TOP 15 Stunning Designs to Adorn Your Toes With!

by Stephanie Yankova

Summer is slowly reaching its end, but you still have time to make the most of the remaining hot sunshiny days! Let’s send away open-toe season with a bang! What would be the perfect toenail design for the occasion? There is only one answer – classic French tips! Adorn your toes one last time before you hide them in a pair of boots with these French pedicure trends of Summer 2023!

French Pedicure Trends Summer 2023

classic french pedicure summer 2023 design ideas

Let’s be honest – there’s nothing quite like the classic French tips! They’re clean, elegant, suit every complexion, and can be effortlessly styled with any shoe! Another great thing about this minimalist pedicure is that it suits pretty much every manicure design! This means that you don’t have to worry about getting matching mani-pedis every time, which is pretty convenient!

Elegant Gold French Pedicure

gold french tips classy elegant summer pedicure ideas 2023


Speaking of classy, if you want to spruce up the good old French tips design, this is a great way to do it! Instead of white tips get a glossy gold French pedicure and turn your toes into your new favorite accessory!

Rainbow Gradient French Pedicure

gradient rainbow french pedicure summer design ideas 2023

Are you not ready to say goodbye to the neons just yet? I feel you! The great news is that you don’t have to! You can subtly incorporate a fun neon rainbow gradient into a French pedicure design!

Pastel Pink Pedicure with Reversed Glitter Ombre

pastel pink french tips reverse glitter ombre pedicure summer 2023

If you, like me, are still not over the Barbie fever, then this pedicure is a great way to commemorate the bubblegum aesthetic one last time! Quirky, yet clean and elegant – this pastel pink French pedicure with matching reverse ombre glitter is an absolute stunner!

Abstract Neon Orange and Blue French Tips

abstract french tips neon orange sky blue melting effect pedicure summer 2023

Not a fan of the classic French tips? No problem! The great thing about this design is that it allows for endless interpretations! Take for example this eye-catching neon blue and orange melted design French pedicure! This lava lamp-like decoration oozes a real 70s throwback vibe!

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Reverse White and Neon Orange Summer French Pedicure

neon orange white reverse french pedicure summer design trends

Neon orange was the absolute star of the show this summer season! If you still haven’t given this trend a chance, now is the time! In fact, why not combine two trends into one? This reverse French pedicure with a neon orange base is definitely a design I’m going to try myself!

Micro Cobalt Blue French Tips

cobalt blue french pedicure summer 2023

Another nail art trend we got to explore this summer is the micro French tips! They look especially good in the stunning cobalt blue that most of us couldn’t get enough of last (and this) year! Whenever I look at this color I can’t help but think about beaches, Greece, and the smell of salty water which makes me feel like I’m having an endless summer vacation!

Milky White Toes with Neon Yellow Tips

milky white neon yellow silver gemstone french pedicure design summer trends 2023

Neon yellow definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, but oh, doesn’t it look stunning! It creates a stunning contrast with tanned skin and really makes your toes the accent of any outfit! While I’m not one to go full neon, this particular French tip design with a milky white base is definitely something I could try! For those of you who like a little extra pizzazz, you can also adorn your toes with a jewel or two!

White and Violet Summer Pedicure Design

violet toes white french tips trendy summer pedicure design 2023

Violet is the perfect color to wear during the transitional months from summer into fall! It’s bold, yet elegant and unobtrusive. To make this color pop you can add classic white French tips to create a nice subtle contrast.

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White and Red Reverse Half-Moon French Pedicure

white red silver glitter reverse french tip pedicure design idea summer 2023

This pedicure design has implemented two of the most timeless nail polish colors – white and red. The reverse half-moon French pedicure is an abstract and unique interpretation of the classic design which I absolutely adore! You can take the design up a notch by adding a playful silver glitter toe to zhuzh up your pedicure just a little bit more!

More French Pedicure Trends Summer 2023

neon yellow french pedicure design summer 2023

Mint Green Toes with a Classic Micro French Tip a Gemstone Decorations

mint green toes micro french tips pedicure design summer 2023

Matte Milky White Base with Bright Pink French Tips 

matte milky white neon pink french pedicure ideas 2023

Cobalt Blue Toes with Blue Glitter French Tips 

cobalt blue glitter french tips summer pedicure design 2023

Classic French Tip Pedicure with Matching Short Milky white Manicure

classic french tips pedicure design milky white short manicure 2023

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