Volumizing Haircuts for Thin Long Straight Hair: Transform Your Look in No Time!

by Gabby

Having a long straight hair is not enough! It should also look healthy, strong and thick so that we can feel absolutely amazing. But, what are the volumizing haircuts for thin long straight hair? How to make it appear thicker and fuller?

Volumizing Haircuts for Thin Long Straight Hair: Transform Your Look in No Time!

volumizing haircuts for thin long straight hair 2023

There’s nothing worse for a woman than flattened hair that just doesn’t look healthy! Sometimes no matter what we do, it just looks lifeless, dry, and it doesn’t have any volume! Well we’re here today to restore your hope in easily-attainable volume and tell you what the secret is… The secret isn’t some magical product you have to use or a styling tool. In fact, the secret is much simpler and it’s to find the right hairstyle. If you have thin, long and straight hair, it is extremely important to have volume, otherwise your hairstyle will never look good. It is also essential to note that having a thin hair can come from your genetics, age, or a hormonal problem. If you think you have hormonal issues, it is best to consult a doctor first. If not, then a good haircut can make your locks voluminous!

Starting off with the first cut for thin, long, straight hair that is simple, yet it can change you completely. If you want volume at the top, think about adapting blunt or wispy bangs that will make this dome kind of shape. This is the trick to make your hair appear thicker and voluminous at the top of the head.

Butterfly Haircut for Long Thin Hair

butterfly haircut for long thin hair volumizing hairstyle ideas 2023


You’ve probably already heard about the butterfly haircut that resembles the wings of this insect we all adore! If you have thin hair, don’t think you have to run away from trends and not venture out to try new things. There are just little tricks that will save your thin ends and give them volume! For the butterfly hairstyle, it’s clear that there are many layers that will make your hair look very feathery and bouncy. However, the layers will create that volume at the top and at the bottom that we all want, because of the movement of the haircut.

Face-Framing Layered Haircut for Thin Hair with Curtain Bangs

face framing bangs and layers for thin hair

What do you think of the idea of layers that highlight your face to make it soft and beautiful? If you have naturally fine hair that lacks volume, these layers will instantly give it a boost! But, the finish touch is important – the curtain bangs! They just add what you need for extra movement, dimension and of course, volume!

Volumizing Feathery Layers for Thin and Flat Hair

volumizing haircuts for thin hair long feathery layers

Should women with thin and flat hair wear feathery layers? Absolutely! There’s nothing like these elegant and flawless face-framing layers that will add movement and dimension to the hair. Your locks will feel weightless, but voluminous at the same time. Also, these type of layers are easy to maintain.

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Blunt Haircut for Long Thin Hair with Balayage

long blunt haircut for thin hair with balayage volumizing hairstyle

Normally, our hair experts don’t recommend doing a blunt haircut for flat and thin hair. However, if you are in love with these hairstyles, then there’s a trick that you can adapt. If you want to create the illusion of a voluminous hair, then adapt your blunt haircut with a balayage.

Low-Maintenance Volumizing Haircut for Flat Thin Hair

low maintenance volumizing haircut for flat thin hair

If you want to have voluminous hair every day, then you need a haircut that’s easy to style and to maintain as well. This layered cut with curtain bangs will give you exactly what you need! It is best to wear these bangs side–parted, and if you have straight hair, you won’t need a styling tools. You can simply wash your hair and wear it as it is.

Money Piece Highlights for Straight Thin Hair

volumizing haircuts for thin flat straight hair money piece face framing

Another great idea to create the illusion of volume in your hair is adapting money-piece highlights. Why will they make your hair look voluminous? Because they focus on the front part of your locks, making the rest of your hair look thicker. Also, if you adapt inward layers, they will frame your face in the best way possible.

Choppy Layers Haircut for Flat Hair

spiky layers for thin flat hair volumizing haircuts

Choppy layers are always a good idea, especially for women with flat hair. They can transform your look in no time and boost your volume. Don’t hesitate to add trendy bangs to the choppy layers, and you will forget about flat hair!

Ombre Haircut for Straight Thin Hair

ombre haircut for straight long thin hair

How will the ombre haircut magically make your locks appear voluminous? It’s because of the colors! If you have a darker color on the top and lighter hair ends, this will change your appearance and your hair will seem thicker.

Two-Layered Haircut for Long Thin Hair

two layered cut for long thin hair

Do you remember these type of haircuts? They make it seem like you have two layers of hair, which will instantly make your locks appear voluminous, thicker and healthier. You can make the layers blunt, choppy or feathery, depending on your preferences.

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