Refresh Your Patio for the Summer with These Gorgeous Outdoor Throw Pillows Trends

by Stephanie Yankova

Summer is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to dust off the outdoor furniture and get ready for the long afternoons spent in the comfort of your garden oasis! A new season calls for a fresh start, and your outdoor space is the perfect place to begin! As someone who waits every year in anticipation for the summer to come, decorating my patio has become a tradition. If you are looking for a cost-efficient and effective way to freshen up your outdoor space, I have just the trick for you! Find out how you can easily transform your garden patio with the trendiest outdoor throw pillows for summer 2023!

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Throw Pillows

floral summer pattern outdoor throw pillows patio exterior decoration ideas 2023

It’s quite astonishing how something as simple as changing or adding throw pillows can breathe new life into a space. Think of it as a way of dressing up your patio furniture the same way you dress yourself for each season! A pop of color, some patterns here and there, and a clever play of shapes and proportions can really work wonders with your outdoor space, and throw pillows are the most simple and functional way to achieve that! Scroll down to see the latest trends in colors and patterns that you can incorporate into your exterior decoration! Which pillow setup would you choose?

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Solid Bold Colors

outdoor throw pillows solid bold colors summer 2023 trends patio design



If you’re not too fond of bold colors, yet you still want to bring some color into your outdoor decoration, choosing throw pillows in bold solid colors is a great place to start! Complementary color combinations such as red and green, yellow and purple, and orange and blue are a rising trend for the upcoming summer season. When you put next to each other two colors from the opposing end of the color wheel, you get a dramatic effect that helps turn your seating area into a focal point of your exterior setting.

Mismatched Patterns

mismatched outdoor throw pillows resort tropical aesthetic summer decoration trends 2023

The key to mixing and matching patterns is balance. If you’re new to the world of combining patterns, I suggest you opt for pillows either in the same color or in analogous colors (adjacent on the color wheel). A key part here play the fabrics. A fool-proof combination that I swear by is choosing one pillow in a solid color, one with a classic or minimalist pattern, and a statement pillow with a bold print. Play around with textures and mix up organic fabrics with polypropylene (great for outdoor spaces), or even velvet if you’re decorating a more secluded area that doesn’t get exposed to sun or rain.

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Earthy and Neutral Colors

boho earthy colors outdoor throw pillows neutral tones exterior decoration trends 2023

There’s a common misconception that neutral colors are bland and boring, however, I’m here to prove the contrary! The best way to incorporate nudes into your exterior decoration is by combining them with cool and warm earthy tones. Matching pillows with minimalist color block patterns, busy prints, and more simplistic designs is a guaranteed way to bring a tasteful character into your outdoor seating setup. Some great color combinations you can try out are navy blue, copper, off-white, taupe, and mocha chocolate.

Analogous Colors

analogous outdoor throw pillows boho style patio furniture decoration ideas trends 2023


If you want to introduce a colorful element into your patio decor but don’t want anything too loud or bold, then the combination of analogous colors might be for you! They sit right next to each other on the color wheel, and while they aren’t quite the same, they complement one another very well. This color pallet is minimalistic, and refined and works just as well for vibrant hues, as it does for muted pastel tones. Simple patterns such as the white stitching on the pillows above are an effective way to add a more playful character to the setup without it being too overbearing.

Asymmetrical Outdoor Throw Pillows

decorative asymmetrical outdoor throw pillows bold patterns stripes earthy colors decoration trends 2023

Asymmetrical pillows are a great way to add some quirkiness to your outdoor space. You can experiment with all kinds of shapes and sizes as long as you stick with a coherent pattern theme. For example, in the image above we see a combination of nudes, cool and warm earth tones, classic patterns such as stripes and checkerboard, and bold animal patterns within the same color theme. The round and ball-shaped pillows will add a playful, beach-like element to your garden decoration just in time for summer!

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