Transform Your Outdoor Space with These Unique and Budget Friendly Yard Art Ideas

by Kremy

The garden is an expression of the owners’ personality. Do you want to transform your outdoor space? With these budget friendly yard art ideas you can create a unique and extraordinary design. Who said that garden décor must be expensive? Why don’t you unleash your creativity and upcycle the old stuff – car tires, old jeans, clay pots… Just look at these ideas and easy tutorials that will help you reuse a variety of items and give them a new life!

Budget Friendly Yard Art Ideas – Original Rock Painting Ideas

budget friendly yard art ideas original rock painting ideas

Are you looking for budget friendly yard art ideas? How about some rock painting? Such decorations add a unique touch to any landscape design and will certainly surprise and delight your friends and family. You can place your painted rocks on lawns, flowerbeds, near ornamental plants and small ponds. Painting rocks for the garden is also a great hobby for children and adults. Rocks come in in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, which adds visual appeal to any outdoor space.

rock painting fairy garden yard art ideas


This is how to paint rocks for your yard art projects:

  • Clean the rocks from dirt. Wash them with warm water, adding a few drops of liquid detergent.
  • Leave them dry completely before painting.
  • Choose bright, saturated colors that will fill your outdoor space with energy and life and paint the rocks.
  • Allow the paint to dry completely.
  • To keep the color of the ornaments bright and fresh for a long time, you can apply a protective coat of clear varnish on top of the paint.

Yard Art Ideas – How to Upcycle Plastic Bottles and Use Them as Garden Decoration

plastic bottle planters yard art ideas

Decorating a garden is a wonderful opportunity to realize your creative yard art ideas. Plastic bottles be useful in many ways and you can turn them into planters, edging, mini green houses, etc. Plastic bottles come in different colors, so you can choose a suitable option for every idea or paint your bottles in the desired color.

upcycle plastic bottles garden decorating ideas

Here are two ideas how to upcycle plastic bottles and make faux flowers and super cute planters for your patio or outdoor area.

Fun and Easy Yard Art Ideas to Reuse and Recycle Car Tires

fun and easy yard art ideas to reuse and recycle car tires

How to reuse and recycle old car tires for your yard art ideas? Re-using tires gives you the opportunity to create unique and interesting decorations that you can’t buy anywhere else. Used tires can be used to make fantastic hanging flower pots and add color to a boring garden fence. Simply fill the bottom with soil and plant beautiful and colorful petunias or other blooming flowers.

car tire garden decor ideas diy yard art

You can add an old teapot to your car tire planter for a vintage look or make a tree swing for the kids!

Jaw-Dropping Clay Pots Garden Decorating Ideas

reuse clay pots garden art yard decorating ideas

We’re sure many of you have clay pots that you no longer use. It will be a shame to throw them away. If you get creative, clay pots can easily be used for numerous yard art ideas and original garden ornaments.

clay flower pot craft ideas diy unique garden decor

Use pots of different sizes, bright colors, straw, string and other little things to make animals, insects, funny people and other figures that will transform the garden.

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Unique Yard Art and Craft Ideas to Transform Your Space

transform your outdoor space with these budget friendly yard art ideas

DIY Garden Decorations – Bottle Cap Flowers Ideas

bottle cap flowers diy garden decorations

Unique Yard Art and Garden Decor with Old Screwdrivers

creative yard art ideas screwdriver flower

Decorate Your Backyard with Cute Bowling Ball Ladybugs 

diy bowling ball lasybugs easy low budget craft ideas

Faux Flowers from Screws

diy garden decor ideas faux flowers from screws

Beautiful Mosaic Stepping Stones for the Backyard

diy mosaic stepping stones unique yard art ideas

DIY Wind Chimes from Old Jewelry Beads

diy wind chimes old jewelry beads

Low Budget Yard Art Ideas – Bundt Pans and Kitchen Utensils

low budget yard art ideas bundt pans and kitchen utensils

Beautiful Ladybugs Made from Plastic Bowls

plastic bowl ladybugs garden art ideas

Creative Upcycling Ideas with Glass Bottles

recycle old bottles unique garden decorating ideas

Fantastic Yard Art Ideas and Garden Decorations

striking yard art ideas ceramic tableware garden decor

Re-use an Old Ladder and Paint Containers

unique garden decor ideas old ladder and paint containers

Original Yard Decorating Ideas

unique yard art and craft ideas to transform your space

DIY Hubcap Flowers – Creative Yard Art Ideas 

yard art ideas hubcap flowers

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