12 DIY Greenhouse Ideas on a Budget That You Should Consider!

by Radost P.

How To Make a Greenhouse on a Budget? Here Are The Best DIY Ideas That You Will Love!

Most gardeners are aware of the fact that having a greenhouse is a good investment for their garden since it protects plants from bad weather conditions. Yet, a greenhouse is not cheap, and some people are reluctant to spend money on buying it. Fortunately, there are smart tricks that you can use in order to create a comfortable spot for your favorite plants on your own! In this article, we will give you 12 DIY greenhouse ideas on a budget that you should definitely take into account. So, keep on reading!

diy greenhouse on a budget

So, why do plants grow better in a greenhouse? There are simple reasons for that – the warmth that they are getting allows for successful growth and enough humidity. Besides, there is a good distribution of light inside the greenhouse. So, how to make one while saving money?

Use Old Window Frames as a Shelter

Why not take advantage of old materials for your garden, instead of throwing them away? For example, you could build a cold frame greenhouse by using window frames that you no longer need. A cold frame provides many benefits compared to some expensive greenhouses – it protects your plants from harsh weather and excessive rain.

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Greenhouse for a Single Plant That’s Made From a Bottle

recycled plastic bottles


When you have to protect certain plants quickly, you can easily put into use a plastic bottle. The only disadvantage is that the flowers might get too sheltered and this will have a negative impact onto their growth process when the bottle is removed.

Cover a Shelving Unit

This option is good in case your garden is not spacious enough – just use an outdoor shelve and insulate it with a plastic cover in order to turn it into a mini greenhouse. Experts suggest making sure that the shelving unit is made of metal, as this provides more protection against bad weather conditions.

DIY Greenhouse on a Budget – Use Raised Garden Beds

raised garden beds

In case you are using raised garden beds while growing your plants, you can also put a protective cover that should not touch the flowers. Otherwise, there won’t be good air circulation and the plants might get damaged.

Re-Use Plastic Bottles

reuse plastic bottles

As with the example above, concerning the mini greenhouse made for a single plant, plastic bottles are a good and affordable insulator for your flowers.

Mini DIY Greenhouse Kit

Don’t have enough space for a full-size greenhouse in your backyard? No worries – you can buy a mini DIY greenhouse kit! The great thing is that the process of assembling is simple and easy, while you can choose different looks and sizes, depending on your preferences.

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Cost-Effective Tunnel Greenhouse Idea

tunnel greenhouse idea

Tunnel greenhouses are best for covering multiple rows of plants, yet it is vital to select the right design for your needs. Polythene tunnel cloches are affordable to purchase, however they do not offer as much insulation as other solutions that are made from stronger materials.

Tiny Greenhouse Made From Jars

If you have small and sensitive plants, and you want to protect them from cold weather and winds, you may turn mason jars into mini greenhouses. Place them upside down over the specific plants, and remove the jars from time to time in order to let oxygen in.

Hoop Greenhouse

hoop greenhouse

The good thing about a hoop greenhouse is that it can be adapted to fit any size garden, since it is made from metal hoops that are covered with sheeting. This kind of greenhouse can be used to grow herbs and flowers.

What Are the Benefits of Building Your Own Greenhouse?

what are the benefits of building my own greenhouse in the backyard

The greatest benefit of building a greenhouse is that you will have complete control over how you grow the plants. Also, you are free to choose the shape, size, and materials used for the construction. Lastly, you will not have to spend money on buying fruits and veggies, since you can harvest throughout the whole year.

How to Choose the Perfect Location?

The first thing to keep in mind is that you need a place with plenty of sunlight that is sheltered from winds. It is also quite important to have access to electricity and water nearby the greenhouse, since you will need them in order to maintain the right conditions.

In a nutshell, buying a real greenhouse can be expensive, so it is good that there are simple DIY ideas available for the creative folks that prefer to save some money. We hope that this post was useful!

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