Top 15 Old Money Sunglasses for Women in 2023: The Quiet Luxury Is Here!

by Gabby

Don’t you just love the quiet luxury and the chic aesthetic of the Old Money style? Ahh, there is something about that “clean” fashion that grabs our attention every time! Which are the TOP 15 Old Money sunglasses for women in 2023? Who can wear them according to your face shape?

Top 15 Old Money Sunglasses for Women in 2023: The Quiet Luxury Is Here!

old money sunglasses 2023 cateye trends white frames

Have you already heard about the Old Money aesthetic, which became a fashion trend and a big hype on social media? If you don’t know yet, let me give you some insides. “Old Money” are the people who inherited their wealth and come from a rich family. Usually, they prefer the quiet luxury and you will never see them wearing bright colors or eccentric clothes. They prefer the nudes and the tiny logos that are barely noticeable. However, these people are considered one of the most fashionable, since their looks are always timeless.

If you love this style, you can always copy it with brands that are more affordable. But when it comes to sunglasses, think of it as an investment. The sunglasses that you wear should always have a good protection and chic fashionable look, since you can wear them for years! Today, we are going to talk about the Old Money sunglasses, starting off with the white frame cat eye!

Old Money Sunglasses for Women to Wear in 2023 According to Face Shape

old money style women 2023 sunglasses queit luxury


The best Old Money sunglasses for women to wear in 2023 are the classic brown frames with amber print. The shape of the eyewear is also timeless – oversized cat eye. The good thing about these is that almost every luxury brand has a similar model, so you can easily find the one for you. They go well with every face shape. However, if you have a slightly bigger cheeks, consider a larger pair. If they are too small for your face, they will end up making it appear bigger. Brands like Channel, Dolce & Gabbana and Tom Ford have models that are almost the same as this one!

Sophia Richie Sunglasses: YSL Eyewear Sulplice D-Frame

ysl sunglasses old money style sophia richie 2023

That famous model of YSL is also known as the Hailey Bieber sunglasses. They have become so popular among celebrities, that you can see almost anyone wearing them. Sophia Richie is one of the girls that is also considered “Old Money”. That’s why almost everything she is wearing has become a staple for this fashion style. The same goes for the YSL sunglasses that are not only chic and timeless, but also easy to match with everything. We have seen celebrities wearing them even with gowns.

Channel Classic Butterfly Sunglasses for Women 2023

channel classic butterfly sunglasses old money aesthetic fashion summer 2023

Dark shades are not only used to protect against the sun’s rays. Sometimes they are our best friend when we don’t want to wear makeup and cover imperfections. Butterfly shaped glasses are definitely not for everyone. I know this classic Chanel model would tempt you, but this shape is quite pretentious. Butterfly glasses look good on a square face and on an oval. The dark frame will look good and add an elegant look to your Old Money style.

Oval Sunglasses for Women 2023

oval sunglasses for women 2023 old money style

Oval glasses were more popular in the 90s, but they are making their return in 2023! People with round and square faces should avoid them at all cost, since they can emphasize on your facial features and make them look larger. There are a lot of brands that offer these vintage shades that will add to your style and make you look and feel like a fashion icon. And for my girlies out there with bangs, these sunglasses are the perfect Summer addition for you!

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Best Christian Dior Sunglasses for Women: Old Money Aesthetics

best christian dior sunglasses for women 2023 old money aesthetic

Dior just screams luxury and elegant fashion style! What are the best Dior sunglasses for women to wear in 2023 that are in the Old Money aesthetic? That is the model for you! The shape is oversized that goes into a cat eye, which will make your facial features softer and will make you look super chic! These are perfect for women with larger jaw lines, since the shades will draw the attention away! The only thing that we consider as a con for this type of shades is that they are suitable for elegant wear. If you want something casual for your every day life, think about finding another Dior model!

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Old Money Fashion 2023: Sunglasses for Women

rectangular sunglasses for women 2023 old money aesthetic fashion ideas

Celine Sunglasses for Women 2023: Old Money Style

celine sunglasses for women 2023 old money style

Old Money Sunglasses for Women: Tom Ford Square Frames for Every Face Shape

tom ford sunglasses old money fashion 2023

Miu Miu Sunglasses: Old Money Fashion for Women 2023

miu miu sunglasses old money fashion for women 2023

Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses for Oval Face Shape: Women’s Old Money Style 2023

classic cat eye vintage sunglasses for women 2023

Oversized Square Dior Sunglasses for Round Face Shape

oversized dior sunglasses big frames old money

Old Money Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses for Women Suitable for All Face Shapes

old money sunglasses for women dolce and gabbana aviator frames

Classic Black Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses for Women 2023

dolce and gabanna butterfly sunglasses for women 2023

Old Money Sunglasses for Women Over 50

old money sunglasses for women over 50 in 2023

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