And the 15 Hottest Summer 2023 Jewelry Trends Are…

by Kristiyana

What jewelry is trending for summer 2023? Is gold or silver the optimal choice this year? We focus on the hottest summer 2023 jewelry trends. 

What Are the Summer 2023 Jewelry Trends?

women's watch summer trend 2023

A true fashionista must always be up-to-date with the latest trends. Those for summer jewelry are always fun, as they incorporate lighter and brighter colors, as well as cute and whimsical designs which are all about self-expression. From mismatched beaded necklaces to punk-inspired lockets and chunky rings, the hottest summer 2023 jewelry trends are here to offer you with the right bling-bling to add to the best experiences and moments of your hot girl summer.

Summer 2023 Jewelry Trends: Mermaidcore

what jewelry is trending for summer 2023 mermaidcore


Thanks to the live-action adaptation of the classic Little Mermaid story, this summer you will be seeing many ocean-inspired jewelry items. Pearl earrings, star fish bracelets, seashell necklaces – basically anything that reminds you of the magical underwater world should be your choice of bling in summer 2023.

Yummy Candy-colored Jewelry Pieces

candy colored jewelry trendy 2023

Remember how summer jewelry is all about having fun and employing bright, flashy and whimsical pieces in your outfits? Then say hello to delicious candy-colored jewelry pieces! They can be anything from the beaded necklace you wear to match your swimsuit, to a formal set of earrings and pendant you put on for a fancy occasion.

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You Got Me in Chains for Your Summer Love

chains jewelry 2023 trend

You might have noticed that during the past few years, chain necklaces have been everywhere. From simple and delicate designs, to more chunky versions – they are going to be rocked once again through summer 2023. But are gold ones more trendy than silver? Gold chain necklaces are timeless, so you can never go wrong there. Don’t worry too much if you can’t afford one, as silver ones will also be worn during this summer.

Chunky Statement Rings for a Fun Time

summer 2023 jewelry trends chunky rings


Finally, a jewelry trend focused on rings. Anyone who knows me, knows that I can’t go outside without my personalized set of flashy rings – it just feels unnatural to me. So for any other ring jewelry enthusiasts, be sure that chunky rings in different colors and bold designs will be THE trinket to wear in summer 2023.

Summer 2023 Jewelry Trends: Chunky Hoops

chunky hoops for summer 2023

Another chunky form of piece of jewelry you will be seeing a lot in recent times are the classic hoop earrings. For me, every self-respecting woman has to have at least one pair of hoop earrings (I have like 10), and this summer is all about sporting a trendy chunky pair. Gold is always a good choice, but if you are feeling bold, try something that incorporates different colors.

More of the Hottest Summer 2023 Jewelry Trends

trendy 2023 pinky rings

Statement cuffs for summer 2023 jewelry trends

cuff bracelets summer 2023 trend

Punk-inspired lockets and necklaces

punk heart locket jewelry trend summer 2023

Trendy gemstone jewelry pieces

colorful gemstone jewelry for summer 2023 trends

Colorful bangles for summer 2023 trends

colorful bangles jewelry for summer 2023

Oversized pendants and lockets

pendant necklaces for summer 2023 jewelry trends

Trinkets from natural materials

jewelry from natural materials 2023 trend

Beaded jewelry in different shapes and sizes

summer 2023 necklace trends mismatched braids

Mismatched gold and silver pieces

summer 2023 jewellery trends mixed metals


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