Sunglasses for Women Over 50: Protect Your Eyes and Look Stylish!

by Gabby

Spring is here and Summer is getting closer and closer. I know that you have probably heard about taking care of your skin and regularly applying SPF, but let me tell you that you have to take care of your eyes as well! Wearing sunglasses is essential, especially after 50. The sunglasses are not only one of the best accessories, but it helps to prevent wrinkles, because as you may know the sun can make us squint our eyes… So, let me help you choose sunglasses for women over 50 that will be stylish in 2023!

Sunglasses for Women Over 50: Protect Your Eyes and Look Stylish!

sunglasses for women over 50 trends 2023 ideas

When choosing sunglasses for women over 50, there are some things to take into consideration – what frame will suit your face shape and what color will suit your skin tone. Once you have decided, which is the ONE for you, you can easily find the sunglasses that you can wear this Summer. For example, the big frames are one of the trendiest frames at the moment. They suit women with both round and square face shapes. Our Deavita team have selected some of the best models of the year. Let’s check them out!

Sunglasses for Women Over 50: White Frames

sunglasses for women over 50 with white frames trends 2023 fashion ideas


Optometrists say that the sunglasses should balance your facial features perfectly, and highlight them, rather than hiding them away. For the women with round face shapes, it is best to make your cheekbones look more defined. You can easily achieve this with white frames that have large cat eye shape. It is not only stylish, but super easy to wear during every season, which means you can allow yourself to invest in a brand that offers high quality sunglasses. You can match it with your outfits and enjoy them all year!

Trendy Summer Sunglasses for Women Over 50

summer sunglasses for women over 50 ideas trends 2023

What sunglasses to wear this summer 2023 for women over 50? I have one word for you – experiment. You have to try wearing different colors that are both bright and bold, which will transform you and make you look youthful and rejuvenated. If you enjoy wearing simple colors during the Summer season, bright color sunglasses will change your appearance and make it look more trendy and chic!

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90s Sunglasses Trend for Women Over 50

90s sunglasses trends for women over 50 how to choose your frames

If there should be one must-have pair of glasses that you have to own this Summer, that will be it. The oval shape is a classic when it comes to 90’s sunglasses and it is chic and timeless. Many celebrities are wearing this exact model, and the good thing is that you can wear it at the beach or with your elegant outfits as well. Don’t hesitate to wear another color, since it is not necessary for them to be black. Another stunning sunglasses choice would be to wear this version in white.

70’s Classic Oversize

classic oversize sunglasses for women over 50

The fashion staples from the past are coming back with a full force. The classic sunglasses from the 70s never seem to go out of style. That is why they will be one of the top hits for women over 50 this summer. The oversized frames of this period are fashionable to this day and the latest models from Chloé, Dior and Miu Miu are the ultimate proof of this. You can easily choose the right pair of glasses according to your skin tone and face shape. I would advise you to try different ones and ask your optometrist for advice.

Black Flat Top Sunglasses

black flat top sunglasses for women over 70

Trendy sunglasses are a great way to add an original touch to the simplest outfits. And when their frames have a surprisingly unusual shape, this artistic effect is even more powerful! You can also opt for bold colors, glitter frames or extravagant decorative elements, among others. To make the most of this trend, keep the rest of your look simple and classic and let your sunglasses do the talking.

Elegant Sunglasses for Women Over 50

elegant sunglasses for women over 50

If you are a business woman who enjoys wearing office wear, you have to think of how to match your sunglasses with your everyday outfits. One of the timeless models is shown on the picture. The frames are really thin, which makes them really easy to wear and comfortable. The shape is suitable for every face and features and the colors are different, so there are many choices for you out there!

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