Winter Dried Flower Arrangement Ideas – Master the Art of Beautiful Floral Compositions

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Floristry has been using dried flowers as an alternative to quickly fading blooms for a long time. Fresh-cut flowers begin to curl and crumble after a few days. In addition, we don’t have many species blooming in the winter. With these winter dried flower arrangement ideas, you can add a great element to your interior and enjoy its beauty for as long as you want. The Japanese call the art of arranging a composition of dried or fresh flowers “ikebana.” Creating such a composition requires a sense of proportion, imagination and artistic taste.

Winter Dried Flower Arrangement Ideas That Delight the Eye

winter dried flower arrangement ideas that delight the eye

When we talk about winter dried flower arrangement ideas, we have to mention that before you start your composition, you need to know exactly what you want. Placing a random number of species in a vase is not a very good idea. If you want to create an eye-catching composition, you should choose a color palette first, then choose the main elements, and after that, you need to think about additional elements, which can be sprigs of dried wood, ornamental grasses, etc.

The right composition will highlight the advantages and hide the shortcomings of a room. For example, a tall dried flower arrangement in a room with low ceilings will visually make them higher, and a vase placed in the corner of the room will create an impression of spaciousness.

dried flower arrangement winter decorating ideas

The type of dried flower arrangement is determined by the shape and size of the vase, as well as the purpose of the composition. On a dining table, low, round, and compact compositions will look best and will not interfere with the communication of people sitting at the table. Taller arrangements look great in floor vases.

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How To Decorate Your Home with Dried Flower Compositions?

how to decorate your home with dried flower compositions

Decorating with dried flowers is a wonderful way to bring the beauty of nature into the interior. Popular since Victorian times, dried flower arrangements have returned to the décor trends as an alternative to fresh floral bouquets, which unfortunately have a limited lifespan. There are numerous ways to arrange dried flowers in your home.

Use vintage containers. If you love antiques or vintage items, how about a dried bouquet on the mantlepiece, windowsill, or table? What better way to use that fabulous jug you have or the vintage clay pots? For a modern look, use glass containers with beautiful shapes.

Brighten up a plain wall with a dry wreath or decorate the mirrors to bring a beautiful, feminine, and natural touch to your home.

What Species to Choose for Your Winter Dried Flower Arrangement?

what species to choose for your winter dried flower arrangement

For dried compositions, florists use flowers, stems, leaves, fruits, seeds, and even roots, as well as bark, moss, and driftwood. We recommend that you combine dried flowers based on the color scheme of your interior. When you create a floral composition, do not forget that it will decorate your home for months, so it should not only be beautiful but also work with the surrounding objects and match the style of the room. So, what are the best species for your winter dried flower arrangement? Obviously, roses, peonies, lavender, amaranth, mealycup sage, celosia, etc. Here are some more suggestions:

Bunny Tails Ornamental Grass (Lagurus ovatus)

what species to choose for your winter dried flower arrangement bunnytail

One of the most popular species in dried flower arrangements, bunny tails, also called Hare’s-tail grass, is an annual plant, growing up to 20 in/50 cm tall with many oval flowerheads. The flowerheads of this ornamental grass really resemble a funny hare’s tail. Lagurus looks good in both compositions and on its own. It is often painted in different colors to give a special mood to the composition.


dried flower arrangement with hydrangea bunnytail

The voluminous flowers look great on their own or in combination with other dried flowers, such as cotton and lagurus.

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Pampas Grass

pampass grass in a glass container home decorating ideas

Pampas grass can be used in various dried flower arrangements. Unpainted grass will look great in rooms with furniture and decor made of natural wood. It adds height and structure to any composition and looks great on its own as well.

Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila paniculata)

babys breath gypsophila winter dried flower arrangement ideas

Adding gypsophila will make your arrangement look tender and airy. These tiny flowers are usually used as an addition to the main flowers of the composition.


beautiful dried flower arrangement with cotton

Natural cotton looks very soft and cozy. Most often, it is used as an accent in the composition to give it tenderness and lightness.

Lunaria (Silver Dollar Plant)

dried flower arrangement ideas best species lunaria silver dollar plant

What could be more delicate than the white, almost transparent flowers of Lunaria? One of the most indispensable dried flowers for floristry, lunaria is famous for the unique shape of the seeds, which, indeed, seem like a luminous, pearlescent, miniature moon disk.


physalis dried flowers home decorating ideas

Who is not familiar with these charming orange-red-colored flowers? Physalis looks great both on its own and together with other fall plants.

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