10 Trendy Winter Coats That Aren’t a Puffer Jacket to Wear in 2024!

by Stephanie Yankova

We can all agree that as warm and practical as the puffer coat is, it’s certainly not one that makes a fashion statement. It’s great for the mountains or when paired with a sports outfit, but a terrible match for a trouser suit, or an evening dress. Does that mean we’re bound to compromise comfort for fashion, and vice versa? We highly disagree! Here are 10 trendy winter coats to wear in 2024 that will instantly elevate your style!

Trendy Winter Coats to Wear Instead of a Puffer

short white faux fur coat winter street style 2024

When did puffer coats get in fashion again? It could’ve been a cause and effect of Demna’s first collection for Balenciaga in 2016, Moncler’s impact on luxury performance clothing, or the galvanizing effect of street culture. It’s quite impossible to pinpoint the exact moment we all wrapped ourselves in “sleeping bags” and called it fashion, but it’s high time we dethroned it.

As we entered the “old money” era, our wardrobes significantly evolved into a more mature aesthetic. Shirts, suits, and black ties are no longer a corporate trademark (thanks, Valentino), and they require a certain haut de gamme touch to the way they’re styled. There’s a plethora of overcoats to choose from, so we narrowed them down to 10 that will dominate 2024.

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Maxi Wool Overcoat

black maxi wool coat trend winter 2024

If you’re on the hunt for a winter coat that’s warm, stylish, versatile, and is also going to stand the test of time, look no further! It’s no coincidence that the Olsen twins have been rocking a floor-sweeping black wool coat for a decade. It’s a timeless piece that you can style for any occasion. Regardless of whether you choose to pair it with sweats, shorts, jeans, or a cocktail dress, the structured sharp silhouette will make your appearance noteworthy!

Cape Coat

cape coat winter fashion inspo 2024

Anything is hot if it’s French, right? We can trace the history of the cape coat back to the 11th century, and since then we’ve seen countless reimagined versions of it. It certainly falls on the fashion end of the spectrum rather than the practical, as it is essentially a sleeveless cloak. However, there is no doubt that it will make you feel sophisticated, like a true royalty!

Faux Fur Jacket

short faux fur coat 2024 trends

The “Russian girl” style quickly took over the internet, and suddenly we all found ourselves on the lookout for big fur coats. Is this a trend that’s going to stick around? I highly doubt it. Does that make it any less fabulous? Absolutely not! If you can brave it out, you’ll surely gain some points as the fashion-forward friend. And since it’s all about confidence and self-expression, no rules apply! You can pair it with a hoodie and jeans, button-down and dress pants, leggings, sweatpants – anything goes!

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Vintage Leather Jacket

vintage leather jacket 2024 styling inspo

If you haven’t added a vintage leather jacket to your collection yet, this is your sign to go thrift shopping with your friends and get your hands on this fall/winter staple ASAP. The great thing about leather garments is that they age like fine wine – the more worn out they are, the more character they have. Keep in mind that this jacket will most certainly not keep you very warm, so consider buying an oversized fit, under which you can add a few layers.

Classic Shearling Coat

classic brown leather white shearling coat winter 2024

If there is one winter clothing item worth splurging on, it’s definitely the shearling coat! It’s the perfect combination of comfort, practicality, and timeless style, and you can be sure that you’ll get your investment back a hundredfold because you’ll be wearing it for decades! You can find it in various lengths, silhouettes, and color combinations, however, it’s best to opt for one that’s made of genuine shearling and leather, as they are much more durable.

Car Coat

black car coat 2024 winter fashion inspo

As the name suggests, car coats were originally designed for automobile drivers and passengers in the 1900s. The cars back then had no roof, or heating, which created the need for a garment that’s going to keep the occupants of the vehicle warm without restricting their movement. Back then, the coat was made of leather and lined with fur. In present days, we can find it in different varieties that don’t necessarily respond to its original purpose but still mimic the classic silhouette.

Long Leather Trench Coat

long brown leather trench coat winter fashion trends 2024

If you already have a classic trench coat, and you love it so much that you want to add another one to your collection, put this brown leather design on your to-buy list. Although it’s probably not going to be as timeless as its original predecessor, it’s certainly an item you won’t regret having. It’s the ideal transitional coat that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Duffle Coat

black modern duffel coat 2024

Wait, isn’t this the coat that Paddington wears? Yes, and he’s known to be a bear of immaculate taste! This is certainly a trend we did not see coming, but Prada had something else in mind when they sent not 1 but 3 duffle coats down the runway for their autumn/winter 2023 collection. And it wasn’t just them. Lemaire, JW Anderson, Raey, and Burberry are amongst the other brands that paid homage to our childhood with their modern reimagination of the classic boxy Belgium-born garment.

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Animal Prints

animal print winter coat 2024 trends

Who’s ready for the season of eclectic fashion? As much as I enjoy the aesthetic appeal of minimalist basics, animal prints are set to make a huge comeback in 2024, so brace yourselves because we’re stepping into the wild! Tigers, zebras, leopards, and snakes are all going to live like one big happy family.

Tan Coat

long oversized camel coat winter 2024 trends

People tend to have polarizing opinions about the tan coat, but we can’t turn our backs on the fact that it’s a classic item that deserves an honorable place in everyone’s closet. Of course, we’re sticking to the 2024 silhouette trend, which is long and straight with wide padded shoulders that add a touch of sophistication to the look.

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