Outdated Pedicure Colors 2023: TOP 5 Nail Polish Shades to Avoid and Their Trendy Alternatives!

by Stephanie Yankova

It’s officially vacation season! Summer is here, temperatures are getting higher and higher and we’re moving closer to the nearest beach in sight! You know what that means? It’s time to get our pedicures done! But what color shall we choose? Let’s make this task easier by ruling out all the outdated pedicure colors and choosing a trendy shade to wear instead!

Outdated Pedicure Colors 2023

outdated manicure pedicure colors coral nail polsih

There used to be a time when coral nail polish was the absolute it-girl color to wear! If you’re a die-hard fan of this orange-pink shade and wear it tirelessly to this day – I have some bad news for you. It might be time for you to put the coral away at least for the time being. Don’t fret! It’s Barbie season! This means that pink is HOT, so don’t be afraid to give other shades of this color a go!

Pure White Pedicure

outdated pedicure colors pure white nail polish


Ladies, I’m afraid it’s time to say our final goodbyes with the classic pure white toes! They had a good run and we loved them VERY much. But just like all good things in life, this one must come to an end! The reason why we’re pushing the brakes on the white is that there is actually a new color that rose in popularity in 2023! Curious to know what it is? Scroll down to find out!

Iridescent Chunky Glitter Nail Polish

iridescent chunky glitter nail polsih outdated pedicure colors

I remember when I used to paint my toes with this glitter nail polish as a teenager! The pros – it lasted for AGES! The cons – it was a nightmare to remove! Fast forward to 2023, this nail polish definitely did not age well! While glitter is very much on trend right now, its more sheer and subtle versions are much more aesthetically pleasing than the chunky iridescent pieces!

Concrete Gray Nail Polish

outdated pedicure colors gray nail polish

I must admit, I do understand the appeal behind gray nail polish! It’s neutral enough to wear all year round, it goes with everything and there’s a little edge to it that makes it stand out. However, with all the newly emerging nail polish trends the 50 shades of gray are starting to slowly fade into darkness. Another reason why I wouldn’t suggest wearing gray nail polish, especially in the summer, is because it can make tanned skin appear ashy and ill-maintained.

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Warm Violet Pedicure Color

outdated pedicure colors warm violet nail polish

Purple is definitely having a moment this summer! However, this dark and warm shade of violet is not the one to get! When painted on tanned skin, it can make your toenails appear bruised – and we definitely aren’t looking for this effect!

Trendy Pedicure Colors 2023

pink ombre pedicure design ideas trendy summer nail polish color 2023

Well, the coral may be out, but the pink ombre is IN! Elevate your summer manicure by mixing and matching different shades of pink – maybe add a little bit of white or any other color of your choice!

Milky White Nail Polish

milky white nail polish trendy pedicure colors summer 2023

In 2023 we are replacing the well-loved white nail polish with it’s more elegant and refined sister – the milky white! It came as no surprise that this quickly became the most popular nail polish color of the season! It exudes “clean girl” aesthetic, and truly embodies the old-money look that became such a worldwide trend this year! Not only that, but it also looks stunning on tanned skin and gives your toes a little pop without being too overbearing!

Purple Chrome Toe Nails

purple chrome metallic nails trendy pedicure colors ideas 2023

You already know it! The chrome is here to stay! For those of you who don’t shy away from wearing dark nail polish in the summer, this one should definitely be on your list! It’s alluring, edgy and almost mirror-like, which will reflect the sun beautifully and turn your toes into an eye-catching accessory!

Nude Pedicure Colors

beige nude nail polish color trendy pedicure design ideas summer 2023

If you want something simple, yet elegant and unpretentious – the nude nail polish trend is just for you! Te beautiful thing about it is that there are so many shades of beige and brown that you can never get tired of it! You can choose to either match it to your skin for a more subtle and minimal look, or opt for a contrasting shade for a little pop of color! The variations are endless!

Pastel Lavender Pedicure

best pedicure colors summer 2023 lavender nail polish

Thanks to celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Zendaya, lavender nail polish became the most popular nail polish color of the month! It’s a complex shade that looks stunning on every skin tone and will definitely make your toes stand out!

What is the Most Popular Color for a Pedicure?

orange nail polish trendiest pedicure color summer 2023

Orange nail polish is undoubtedly the biggest trend for summer 2023! It’s bold and playful, it stands out and truly elevates your toes, especially when painted on tanned skin! If there is one pedicure color you should try this year, this is definitely the one!

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