Which Summer Pedicure Colors to Avoid? – The 8 Worst Nail Polish Shades for Your Skin Tone!

by Stephanie Yankova

It’s no secret that we give our feet a little extra care in the summer. The occasional foot bath, exfoliation, and of course – a pedicure! But here comes the big question – what nail polish color should I choose? We’ve got the experts’ verdict! Here’s what summer pedicure colors to AVOID based on your skin tone and the trendiest shade of the season to try instead! 

summer pedicure colors to avoid every skin tone pink orange yellow nail polish

What Summer Pedicure Colors to Avoid?

When it comes to pedicures, what looks good on some, might look the complete opposite on you. When choosing your nail polish color there are a few things you can take into consideration. Your complexion is the backdrop, so you have to make sure that the shades you choose flatter your skin tone. In the summer, nail polishes in dark colors are to be avoided. They make tanned skin look aged and create the illusion of an unkempt appearance. Here are the pedicure colors you should steer clear of this season!

Pedicure Nail Polish Colors to Avoid: Light Skin Tone

summer pedicure colors to avoid pale skin tone pastel blue nail polish


For those with pale skin, experts suggest staying away from milky blue toe nail polish. It will accentuate your veins and give your feet a sickly appearance. This nail polish works best for people with tanned skin as it creates a nice contrast and really makes the toes pop! However, on light skin, the effect would be the opposite.

Yellow-Based Shades 

summer pedicure colors to avoid light skin tone yellow nail polish

Yellow nail polish is another no-go zone for women with pale skin. It will give you a washed-out appearance and accentuate the yellow undertones of your skin. This nail polish is best suitable for those with dark skin. It’s modern, quirky, and really makes your toes stand out in the crowd!

What Color Pedicure is Worst for Fair Skin?

fair skin summer pedicure nail polish colors to avoid cobalt blue

Cobalt blue was the biggest hit of the season in 2022! However, now that we’ve all had our fun with it, let’s dissect it a little bit. The reason why this color doesn’t work well for women with fair skin is because it really brings out your veins. If you’re someone who doesn’t tan much in the summer, this nail polish color with quite frankly make your toes look a bit odd. If you still want to incorporate this color in your pedicure, you can try an ocean nails design.

Crimson Red Nail Polish

summer pedicure colors to avoid fair skin red nail polish

Undeniably, red nail polish is a timeless classic. The key to making the red pedicure and manicure work for you is choosing the right shade. Classic red might not always be the best pick for you! When it comes to fair skin, the shade that experts advise against is crimson red. It has an overwhelming appearance that doesn’t ooze summer energy. This nail polish has a rather sophisticated and alluring appeal which may be best suited for mature ladies.

Pedicure Colors to Avoid in the Summer for Medium Skin Tone

summer pedicure colors to avoid medium skin tone black nail polish

Black nail polish is another unbeatable classic. It’s edgy, versatile, and really just goes with anything. Anything BUT medium complexion. The reason why experts suggest you don’t wear this nail polish color when you have darker skin is because it can create the illusion of dirty feet. It’s also one of those pigments that chip quite easily. Unless you get a gel pedicure, we don’t advise you to wear this color in the summer when your feet are on display at all times. Because of the high contrast between the black pigments and the color of your nail bed, any chipping will be highly visible.

Burgundy Toe Nail Polish

medium skin tone summer pedicure colors to avoid burgundy nail polish

As someone with a medium olive skin tone, I have to admit that I’ve never been able to pull off burgundy. I’ve given it many chances over the years, and have worn it during different seasons to see if it will suit me better with tan or pale skin. The verdict is that burgundy and medium complexion just don’t mix well. It brings out the yellow undertones in my skin and gives my feet an overall unflattering appearance.

Pedicure Colors to Avoid for Dark Skin

dark skin tone summer pedicure colors to avoid gray nail polish

Gray nail polish isn’t among the most popular color choices, and there’s a good reason for that. It makes dark skin look ashy and ages you up. It’s a harsh shade that’s more likely to make your skin appear washed out rather than accentuate your natural tan.

Bubblegum Pink Nail Polish

pedicure colors to avoid summer 2023 dark skin tone bubblegum pink nail polsih

What makes pink nail polish generally appealing is that it’s a more elevated version of the natural color of the nail bed. You can say that it’s the summer equivalent of nudes. However, this is not the case for those with dark skin. In fact, it has the complete opposite effect and makes your appearance rather childish. Instead of bright bubblegum nails, experts suggest you opt for beige. It will elevate and complement your complexion the same way pink does with fair skin.

What’s the Best Color Polish for Toenails?

Statistics show that over the course of the last 5 years, the most popular nail polish color for the month of July is orange. It highlights the brown and red tints in your complexion and creates a strong contrast that makes your toes pop! It’s a universal color that works great for any skin color! If you’re wondering what your next mani-pedi should be – give the orange a chance!

trendiest pedicure color july summer 2023 orange nail polish tan skin

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