2023 Pedicure Trends: What Is the Best Color Nail Polish for Toes That Will Dominate This Summer?

by Kremy

What is the best color nail polish for toes? What are the major pedicure trends for summer 2023? Every fashionista is aware that a flawless makeup, modern hairstyle and trendy outfit are the major elements of an impeccable look. Something that is often overlooked, however, is pedicure. Well-groomed feet and well-chosen pedicure are important all year round, but now, when we are getting ready for open toe shoes, sandals and flip-flops, they are twice as important.

What Is the Best Color Nail Polish for Toes That Goes with Everything?

best color nail polish for toes that go with everythin

Choosing the best color nail polish for toes can be a challenge. Every season we see new trends, stunning designs and let’s be honest, don’t you want to try almost all nail art that you see on social media or magazines? However, what looks good on someone does not necessarily looks good on somebody else. It is logical, isn’t it? Every woman is individual and unique in terms of skin color, wardrobe, style, etc. In addition to that, it does matter greatly if you choose your pedicure color for going on a beach holiday, a special event, wedding or you need it office-appropriate. Are there versatile shades that suit everyone and every occasion? What is the best color nail polish for toes that goes with everything? Let’s find out!

Classic Red Pedicure Is Versatile and Always Fashionable

2023 pedicure trends what is the best color nail polish for toes that will dominate this summer


Red pedicure is classic and always on trend. You can wear it at work, formal event or on a romantic date. Red pedicure works for any season and looks good on any skin color. There are many shades of red, so it is easy to match it with clothing, shoes or accessories. If you want to add another color, white, blue and black are a good choice that make red really pop.

Nude and Neutral Pedicure – Classy, Sophisticated and Suitable for Women of All Ages

nude and neutral pedicure 2023 summer nail trends

The neutral palette is appropriate at any time is suitable for women of all ages. This is the “makeup without makeup” trend, but in the nail art world. What makes nude the best color nail polish for toes? On the first place, naturalness is more and more appreciated. Nude manicure and pedicure emphasize the natural beauty of your hands and feet. Nude pedicure color is very practical as well, there are no situations in which it will be out of place. Nude shades suit everyone but it’s important to find the right shade for your skin tone. How to spice up a nude pedicure? A neutral nude background can be complemented by color accents and create an interesting and sophisticated nail art design, which will not remain unnoticed.

French pedicure is just one of the all-time favorite examples of nude pedicure. To make it more interesting, add some decoration to your toes. From rhinestones to glitter – the options are numerous.

2023 Pedicure Trends – White, white, white!

2023 pedicure trends white toes

One of the trendiest pedicure colors this year is white. You can choose milk white, off white, snow white… yes, even white nail polish comes in a variety of shades. This universal color combines very well with any other shade and that is why it enjoys such an incredible popularity. Some women think that white pedicure is boring. Do you agree? We don’t! The white background is ideal for stickers, glitter and other design elements.

What Is the Best Color Nail Polish for Toes – Soft Pink Goes With Everything

what is the best color nail polish for toes soft pink goes with everything

Practical and versatile pink pedicure is suitable for any event and for ladies of different age categories. There are many variations of pink, from barbiecore to bubblegum, light and dark, but as we are talking about the best color nail polish for toes that goes with everything, choose soft, light shades, that are delicate, airy and feminine. In terms of nail decorations, add glitter, delicate patterns and drawings or an accent color on one of the toes.

2023 Nail Trends: Glitter Toes

glitter pedicure summer 2023 trends best colors

Beautiful and delightful, glitter shades are especially attractive and trendy nail design. Glitter nail polish comes in almost any shade and different sizes. Most often we associate glitter nail art with festive events New Year, but the fact is that they have become so popular, that ladies wear them for everyday or for the office. Silver and gold glitter are the versatile shades that you can combine with everything. Of course, the choice should be made in accordance with the color of your outfit, jewelry, even makeup.

Inspiring Pedicure Designs in the Top 5 Versatile Colors

nude and gold leaf pedicure 2023 summer trends

When choosing the color of your summer pedicure, you also need to think whether you want a matching mani-pedi design or you prefer another color for your fingernails. Of course, a monochromatic pedicure is the easiest option. Is it too boring for you? Then add some discreet decoration! For example, minimalist patterns, geometric nail art, delicate glitter – there are so many options to add visual interest to your toes!


2023 pedicure trends what is the best color nail polish for toes nail art ideas

Red Pedicure and Rhinestone Decorations Will Suit Any Lady

classic red pedicure is versatile

Stylish Gold Leaf French Pedicure

french and gold leaf pedicure 2023 summer designs

Red and Gold Pedicure with a Playful Twist

inspiring pedicure designs in the top 5 trendy versatile colors

Awesome Pink Glitter Nail Polish for Your Toes

pink pedicure with glitter versatile toe nail colors

Red Rose Pedicure Nail Art

red rose pedicure trendy summer designs

Silver Nails for a Bit of Glamour

silver glitter pedicure 2023 ideas

Milky Nails are Stylish and Go with Everything

what are the biggest pedicure trends of 2023

Minimalism is Always Trendy

what is the best color nail polish for toes minimalist pedicure design

White Toes – Versatile Pedicure Color for the Summer Season

what is the best color nail polish for toes that goes with everything

Beautiful White and Silver Pedicure

white pedicure design ideas summer trends

French and White – Summer Pedicure Ideas

white pedicure for the summer



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