10 Easy Steps for the Perfect No Makeup Makeup Look for the Beach

by Kristiyana

Summer is almost here, my lovelies, and I bet most of you have already bought at least 3 pairs of adorable swimsuits to wear to the beach. Did I guess correctly? However, I also know that some of you can’t bear the thought of going anywhere without doing your makeup. I mean, a true fashionista has to always look amazing, right? That is why today at Deavita.net we are offering you with a 10 step-by-step tutorial for creating the perfect no makeup makeup look for the beach! Are you in?

How to Create the Perfect No Makeup Makeup Look for the Beach?

beach makeup tutorial

Isn’t summer mostly about embracing your free spirit and spending less time on the way your face and hair looks? And I mean that in a good way. Every girl knows how quickly your hair and makeup get ruined thanks to the heat, sweating, and humidity that summer brings. Yet, with the right makeup tips and advice, you can get a melt-free gorgeous natural no makeup makeup look perfect for your time spent at the beach. Here’s how!

Moisturizing Your Skin Prior to Applying Makeup

hydrating your skin is key for the no makeup makeup look


To achieve the perfect no makeup makeup look for the beach, the first thing that you should do is routinely moisturize your skin with quality products. Nothing beats creating the illusion of healthy and glowing skin, then actually having it! So before you go on and layer your makeup, use a hydrating face mask to further moisturize your skin. I would advise you to use such with aloe vera or milk & honey – these always work great for me, and you can find affordable options.

Hydrating Primer to Keep Your Makeup in Place

A lot of girls skip the primer step when doing their makeup, but if you want to get the best no makeup makeup look results, I would strongly advise using one. A quality primer will keep your makeup in one place, especially during the summer heat. But what kind of primer to look for? Make sure you get one filled with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. These will further help preserve moisture in your skin and give it a smooth finish.

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Glowy No Makeup Makeup Look for the Beach

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How to get that glowy skin look? Opt for a lightweight skin tint! Instead of applying a thick foundation formula onto your face, use a tinted moisturizer, BB cream or CC cream to cover your skin. Any of these types of skin tints will not only cover the imperfections that you want to hide, but further moisturize your skin. If, however, you will still prefer to use a foundation, make sure it has a liquid formula as these blend in easier and give you a radiant glow. One with SPF will also be great for the beach.

Quality Concealer to Hide Away Any Blemishes

A good concealer is a girl’s best friend when you want to look beautiful without anyone knowing that you are actually wearing makeup. I think my boyfriend still hasn’t noticed the racoon-like dark circles under my eyes, thanks to my beloved L’Oréal Paris Infallible Full Wear Concealer that lasts 24 hours. I wouldn’t advise sleeping in your makeup, even though I’ve slept in this concealer too many times now… To hide any blemishes or dark spots, just blend the concealer into your skin with your fingers.

Create a Natural Sun-kissed Look with a Bronzer

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Can’t have an authentic no makeup makeup look for the beach without a bronzer now, can you? For the best results, I would advise you to get a creamy bronzer instead of a powder one. Make sure it’s a formula 1 or 2 shades darker than the natural tone of your skin. After you have applied your foundation and concealer, use a damp sponge to blend in the bronzer. Apply it to the bridge of your nose, your cheekbones, and temples for a natural sun-kissed look.

How to Apply Blush When Going to the Beach?

Want to get a cute, natural-looking blushed look for the beach? To achieve it, opt for a blush that is either creamy, liquid or a stick blush. Apply a little bit of blush to the bridge of your nose, the apples of your cheeks and onto the temples. Blend it upwards by using light, patting motions.

Creamy Highlighter for a Natural Dewy Skin Look

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Up next comes the highlighter! A creamy highlighter formula with a clear base can go a long way into creating a natural dewy skin look. Plus, this type of highlighter will blend in nicely with the rest of your creamy makeup formulas. How to apply it? Place a little of it on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and on your cupid’s bow. Blend in the product gently with the help of a beauty sponge or just your fingers.

Mascara or No Mascara? That Is the Question

Don’t want to skip putting on mascara when going to the beach? Then you certainly must use a waterproof one. Also, for a more natural no makeup look, apply a light layer of brown mascara to the top and bottom of your lashes instead of a black one. Personally, I would advise skipping mascara altogether, and investing in a lash booster that actually works which will give you beautiful and natural thick eyelashes.

Bushy & Fluffy Eyebrows for Your Beach Look

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The next step of creating an amazing natural beach makeup look is prepping your eyebrows. Bushy and fluffy brows are highly encouraged if you want to achieve the perfect no makeup look. If you notice some spots that need filling, you can use an eyebrow pencil to draw hair-like strokes. Finish your eyebrow prep with some brow gel, by brushing them up for an on-point look.

Glossy Lips No Makeup Makeup Look for the Beach

Personally, I can’t go out without applying at least a light layer of liquid lipstick or gloss on my lips. To complete your natural no makeup makeup look for the beach, apply a shade darker than your lips liquid lipstick, and blot off the excess with a tissue. You can also use a little bit of lip liner to create fuller, naturally-looking lips. Finish the look with a layer of light pink or transparent lip gloss.

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