How Can We Achieve The Perfect Natural Makeup Look? Follow Our Steps!

by Gabby

Women are faced with a lot of hardships that we experience on a daily basis… as if that’s not enough, we have to think about hair, nails, clothes, shoes… We all want that flawless skin that glows and doesn’t have any imperfections. To be honest, it’s not easily achievable unless you are blessed with great genes! Whatever treatments we do and whatever creams and serums we use, sometimes our skin cannot look absolutely perfect. That’s why we resort to our old friend make-up, which helps cover up unwanted pimples or blemishes. Makeup this year doesn’t have to be over the top, on the contrary, we should try to stick to as natural a look as possible. I am going to give you some tips on a natural makeup look! Let’s dive right in!

Natural makeup look: How to get that glowy, dewy skin?

natural makeup look zendaya glowy dewy skin tips and tricks

Natural makeup enhances the beauty of the face and looks very fresh, both in the hot summer and in the cold winter months. There are different trends like the “no makeup makeup”, “glass skin” and others, that prove the natural skin will always be in fashion. It is ideal as an everyday look for school or office, especially for those ladies who do not like to put on makeup. Of course, in order to achieve such an effect, we need to take care of our skin on a daily basis. A good moisturizer does the trick, for the rest use make-up – moisturizing foundation for an even complexion and mineral powder with light-reflecting particles for radiant skin. How can we effectively achieve the natural makeup look? Let’s find out!

Natural makeup look: How to prep our skin?

Before you start with your makeup, it’s a good idea to make sure your face is well cleansed and hydrated. Wash it well and also exfoliate, so you can make sure all the impurities are gone. Pat it dry, and never rub it with the towel. Apply a moisturizer with SPF, always! The sun rays are super dangerous and damaging to our skin. This way, you have removed the impurities from your face and the moisturizer will prepare your skin and smooth it so that the foundation can go on smoothly.

What foundation to use for a natural finish?

Foundation is an indispensable tool in creating an even complexion, and to achieve the perfect look, I recommend using a dewy foundation, BB or CC cream. It should be something very light with a natural finish. Don’t reach of the matte foundation, since they tend to emphasize on the pores and skin texture. Don’t apply the product immediately after squeezing it out of the tube. Let it sit on your hand for a few seconds, because if it absorbs body heat, the consistency will be easier to apply. Apply from the center of the face to the periphery – from the nose to the forehead. This way the color will blend more easily and naturally. Use a foundation sponge, also called a beauty blender. This is the most convenient way to apply foundation, because it covers the face without smudging and will give you a more natural finish.

no makeup makeup look natural finish foundation glowy skin tips and tricks


Should we use a concealer for the natural makeup look?

If you have dark circles around your eyes or small wrinkles, you should definitely use concealer. Apply it on the problem areas and it will cover the imperfections. I advise you to apply concealer all over the eyelid up to the brow bone as well. The color should be one tone lighter than your skin tone.

Eyeshadows – Yay or nay?

You don’t have to do this step, you can do without it. Personally, I just apply a little concealer on my upper lid, which brightens the color and gives me a bright and soft look! However, if you decide to apply eyeshadow, I advise you to go for simple and light eye themes. Not too light or dark colors are recommended, since you want something very subtle. Try not to use too much eyeshadow, because you won’t look natural that way. You can finish off with a mascara, or simply curl your eyelashes. And if you have lash extensions, check out the tips you need to know before applying eye makeup.

natural makeup look tutorial easy tips and tricks dewy glow skin no foubdation bronze


Blush is an essential part of makeup, but often overlooked. In fact, it can make your cheekbones more expressive and your skin tone more radiant. You should use a liquid one, since we want a natural and glowy finish. Classic way to apply blush: from the edge of the ear, in the hollow under the cheekbone, towards the edge of the lips. When it comes to shades, try something peachy or nude, instead of a really pink blush. For the mature ladies out there, before you try out this look, check out the makeup tips for women over 50 that will help!

What product to use on our lips for a “no makeup makeup” look?

The lips are the part of the face we associate with sensitivity. If you want to correct the lip line, line it with a pencil beforehand. Don’t over line your lips. I would recommend using a color that is close to your natural one. Then gently go over with a lip gloss that is not too shiny, but hydrating instead, so it can give the plump look.

Natural makeup look tutorial: ” The clean girl” aesthetic

Now, let’s check out how to achieve the perfect skin complexion and the most natural finish without foundation! You have probably heard of “the clean girl” makeup, which is an example of a natural makeup look that everybody enjoys on the internet. Follow all the steps and enjoy your new favorite makeup routine!


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