Which Old Money Perfume Based on Zodiac Sign Is for You?

by Kristiyana

You can’t complete your old money outfit without the perfect, rich fragrance that complements it. Wouldn’t you say? But which one is in line with your true essence? How to pick an old money perfume based on your zodiac sign? The perfect scent is here waiting for you…

Old Money Perfume Based on Zodiac Sign: Which One is for You?

how to choose an old money perfume based on zodiac sign

When it comes to the old money aesthetic, we mean everything that is characterized as luxurious and classy, having a timeless appeal that will last for decades to come. And on the topic of perfumes for women, we are looking for fragrances that embody the essence of this lifestyle, while still remaining widely accessible. To find the perfect scent that aligns with your true self, we have chosen 12 fragrances that correspond with the old money aesthetic and with each of the 12 zodiac signs. Which one is for you? See below.


old money perfume based on zodiac sign for aries


Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of energy, competitiveness, sex, and anger. This sign will need an old money perfume that corresponds with their dynamism and sexual stamina. Paris For Her Eau de Parfum Spray Perfume would be the perfect choice here. It’s a strong, irresistible scent with fresh oriental and youthful floral tones that are ideal for every occasion. This perfume will last you all day long.


guerlain samsara old money perfume for taurus zodiac sign

For sensual and steady Taurus, we are going to need something a bit more different. A scent that corresponds with their calm energy and love for luxury and beauty. Might I suggest Guerlain’s Samsara? This old money perfume is sophisticated and sensual. The warm, woody and soapy fragrance is perfect for Taurus’ laid back, yet classy character.


fresh light and breezy dana navy's cologne for women for gemini

Which old money perfume would be perfect for curious and playful Gemini? I would suggest Dana Navy’s Cologne Spray for Women. Why, you ask? Gemini would prefer to wear a fresher scent, something that is light and breezy, just like they are. This cologne is crisp and refreshing, and not overpowering in any way. It would greatly align with their fun personality.


guess girl womens eau de toilette for cancer

Cancers, on the other hand, would take the most comfort in a rich scent that makes them feel romantic, comfy and warm. Maybe something like Guess’ Girl Belle Eau de Toilette. It’s an affordable old money perfume with a sweet and fruity scent, perfectly aligning with Cancer’s charming nature.


paul sebastian design old money perfume for leo

What rich scent would be ideal for confident and charismatic Leo? Try Paul Sebastian’s DESIGN. This perfume exudes elegance and sophistication, designed to give you a majestic and tantalizing scent that will make you feel powerful, just like a true king or queen of the jungle. Wear it day or night, on any occasion.


yves saint laurent opium eau de parfum for virgo zodiac sign

For Virgo, we are going to need a comforting and dreamy scent to get them to get out of their head, as they often push themselves over the edge. Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium might be perfect for that. This classic perfume’s top notes of tart citrus accord, bergamot and mandarin orange slowly transition to your warm heart, aligning with your true sensitive nature.


the classic old money fragrance for libra

I am sure that most Libras are among the die-hard fans of the old money aesthetic, that’s why we are going to need a timeless classic of a perfume just for them. How about Chanel No. 5? I mean, you certainly can’t go wrong here! Libra’s love of old-school romance, beauty, art and diplomacy is the perfect fit for Chanel No. 5’s classic scent of bright, uplifting, soapy and warm oriental touches.


mysterious and sexy scent for scorpio

When we think of the Scorpio zodiac sign, our minds immediately jump to sex, magnetism, passion and mystery. So we are going to need an old money scent that brings all of that to the table. Any guesses? Halfeti by Penhaligon is the answer! Its rich and mysterious scent is one of the most memorable spicy fragrances you will encounter. Just like Scorpios themselves.


old money fragrance for saggitarious

Then we come to free-spirited and adventure-loving Sagittarius. How to choose an old money perfume that sums up their curious and wanderlust nature? GUESS’s 1981 Los Angeles Fragrance Body Mist has a refreshing and long-lasting scent that is perfect for Sagittarius’ dynamic spirit. The fruity floral scent has a blend of red currant, mandarin, pear, jasmine, and many more other fresh notes that will keep you smelling fresh all day long.


old money perfume for capricorn zodiac sign elizabeth taylor white diamonds

If there is one zodiac sign that sums up the old money aesthetic, that would certainly have to be Capricorn. Their natural love for luxury, quality and class are what makes them easily associated with the old money lifestyle. A perfect fragrance for them would have to be Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds. Just like Elizabeth herself, this perfume embodies timeless glamour, radiance and beauty – perfect for every Capricorn.


alien perfume for aquarius

Aquarius’s quirky, rebellious and humanitarian character feels that wearing perfume might be too mainstream for them. However, if there is an old money fragrance that they might enjoy, that would have to be Mugler’s Alien (yeah, I know, the name!). This classic perfume is the perfect combination between floral and woody notes to complement Aquarius’ unique vibe.

Aquarius would probably also be into creating a rich scent of their own with essential oils. Why not give it a try?


be in line with your emotions perfume mist for pisces

And last but not least, which old money perfume to choose for dreamy and spiritual Pisces? Go with Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa’s ’62 Hair and Body Fragrance Mist. Its sweet and salty tropical scent will make you think of being one with the ocean and with your emotions. Plus, you can also use it for your hair and body.

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