How to Make a DIY Perfume with Essential Oils? 12 Recipes for Achieving the Ultimate Luxe Feel!

by Radost P.

Are you looking for a favorite luxury perfume that reflects your personality? If you have not found it yet, here is how to make a DIY perfume with essential oils!

How to Make Perfume With Essential Oils? Here Are The Best Recipes for a Signature Scent!

how to make natural perfume with essential oils

With the increase in symptoms of allergies and asthma, natural perfumes become more and more popular nowadays. They are a great option for those of us who have a sensitive skin that is prone to experiencing some issues. Yet, how to make a hypoallergenic and eco-friendly perfume at home?

Essential Oil Scent – Categories

categories of essential oils


First things first, it is good to know that essential oils can be divided into 7 categories, depending on the specifics of their scents. While you may already be aware of your preferences, it is wise to experiment since you may find another favorite aroma!


mint essential oil

Fresh mint scents are known to be effective in fighting fatigue, improving some respiratory symptoms, and easing headaches. Spearmint and peppermint have an energizing effect on your mind, while improving your concentration. Lastly, mint essential oil is known to reduce symptoms of depression.

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Here, we are talking about clove and ginger. Both provide a warming and stimulating scent that helps to boost your focus and decrease your anxiety. At the same time, these spicy aromas increase your energy levels.


patchouli essential oil

Looking for a centering and earthy scent? In this case, consider patchouli – it is often used in perfume sprays and other cosmetic products, due to its grounding and romantic aroma.


The classic and truly feminine perfumes are generally made from sweet floral essential oils. Consider plants like lavender, jasmine, or neroli. The lavender provides a soothing effect, the other two flowers are known to calm your mind and boost the good mood.


sandalwood essential oil

The so-called woodsy scents are balancing and have sedative properties, which help you to fall asleep faster. Examples that you should consider include sandalwood and cedarwood essential oils. So, if you are a fan of more subtle aromas that are grounding, these alternatives are for you.


If you are looking for energizing citrus oils that provide bright aromas, don’t forget about vanilla. Combine it with jojoba oil to achieve a comforting scent that will leave you speechless. Also, bergamot is another option – it can calm your mind and increase positive emotions.


frankincense essential oil

This type of essential oil has a strong smell that is commonly used in practices, like meditation. One example is frankincense – it offers a balancing aroma that goes well with sandalwood or orange.

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Recipes for a Signature Scent!

recipes for natural perfumes made from essential oils

While there are many perfume-making methods based on essential oils, we recommend using a roll-on bottle since it provides a simple and easier approach compared to making a solid perfume. Roll-on blends are commonly used to treat issues, like insomnia and headaches.

How to Make Perfume With Essential Oils? Jasmine Vanilla!

According to experts, to get this attractive scent, you will need to mix 2 drops of organic lime, 5 drops of sweet orange, 2 drops of jasmine in jojoba oil, and 2 drops of vanilla in jojoba oil.

Luxurious Floral

bergamot essential oil

Have a date next week? Here is how to impress your potential partner with an ultimate feminine perfume! Combine 3 drops of lavender, 2 drops of clary sage, 3 drops of bergamot, 2 drops of vanilla, and a drop of ylang ylang.

Spicy and Sweet

To get this inspiring combination between earthy and floral scents, mix 3 drops of patchouli, 5–6 drops of lavender, and 2 drops of ylang ylang.

Lemon Rosemary

rosemary essential oil

Citrus scents help to boost your mood and increase your energy. They are perfect for those upcoming, hot summer days. Just mix 3 drops of rosemary, 5 drops of lemon, and 4 drops of sweet orange.

Solid Perfume Recipe

Lastly, if you are curious about making a solid perfume, here is what you need – beeswax, normal oil, and essential oils. Melt the first two together and add 12 drops of your favorite essential oil per a tablespoon of beeswax and oil mixture. Use a small container and leave the perfume there until hardened!

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