Looking for a Summer Perfume? Here Is How to Choose the Best Scent!

by Kremy

In the summer heat perfumes can appear sharper and even unpleasant as high temperatures can change the smell. There is no doubt that the right perfume is an important detail of every woman’s image. Are you looking for a new summer perfume? Sometimes a drop of a pleasant fragrance is enough to make you feel happy and attractive. Summer is a great occasion to change your usual perfumes for new, light and refreshing ones.

Why Do You Need a Summer Perfume?

choose the best summer perfume

In the warm season we need to think not only of skin care and UV protection. There are special requirements for perfumes as well. When temperatures change, aromas begin to unfold on the skin in a completely different way and perfumes become more saturated. It is important to understand that a summer perfume should not be heavy and suffocating. The fragrances that we wear in the summer should be fresh and playful, suitable for the hot weather.

Why do you need special perfumes for the summer


Usually the main symbols of summer are the sun, sea, blue sky and tropical landscapes. If we talk about the composition, then, as a rule, seasonal summer perfumes are mixes of flowers, ripe fruits and fresh foliage, which create a feeling of purity, lightness and harmony.

Choose Affordable Summer Perfumes to Express Your Individuality

how to choose fragrances that expresses your individuality

Using perfume is not only a way to emphasize your individuality, but also an opportunity to demonstrate that you are aware of current trends. New fragrances come into fashion every season.

how to select the best summer fragrances

The choice of fragrance is influenced by many factors, one of which is the price tag. Many perfumes are sold at a significant price, so you can think of finding a more affordable alternative without compromising the quality. Dossier is a company that wants to make premium fragrances accessible to everyone. If you want clean, ethically sourced, long-lasting, high-end perfume, look at Good Girl Carolina Herrera Dupe Perfume.

How to Apply a Summer Perfume?

choose fresh fragrances for the hot season

Many people prefer having several summer perfumes for different occasions like party, for leisure time, for the office or for the gym, so you can make your own collection. As we mentioned, summer temperatures affect fragrances so there are some simple rules for applying perfume on the skin during the hot season.

how to apply perfume during summer

  • Perfume is applied to clean skin. You can use micellar water not only on the face, but neck and décolleté as well;
  • Do not mix different perfumes;
  • Be more careful with other fragrant cosmetics like body milk, sunscreens, etc.;
  • On sunny days, you should not apply perfume on exposed areas of the body like neck or décolleté, so that the fragrance does not mix with the smell of sweat and hot skin. It is better to apply it behind the ears.



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