4 Reasons to Use Micellar Water – Easy Skin Care Tips for Every Season

by Kremy

Modern beauty industry offers numerous skin care products. They can be found not only in specialized stores, but also on the shelves of small grocery stores. This indicates that the variety of creams, tonics, foams, etc. has become almost as important as food. Using micellar water has become an integral part of the daily facial cleansing ritual for many women.

Why Use Micellar Water Easy Skin Care Tips for Every Season

What is micellar water and when is it best to use it? This water is one of the most popular skin cleansing products. This is a gentle cleanser. It is able to dissolve makeup and impurities, while maintaining the hydrolipidic film of the skin. The product appeared in the early 90’s and soon became a hit. Nowadays it is hard to even imagine a better way to remove makeup.

Why Choose Micellar Water?

Why Choose Micellar Water face cleanser skin care


How does this cleansing work and what makes it so special and popular among women? As the name suggests, the water contains micelles, tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules suspended in water. The micelles gently remove dirt and make-up residues from the skin. In addition, the composition of the product includes special film-forming substances, which, like a magnet, hold impurities on a cotton pad, which allows a high-quality cleansing procedure. Here are 4 reasons to use micellar water!

Micellar Water Is a Reliable Makeup Removal

Micellar Water Is a Reliable Makeup Removal

Micellar water can remove regular and waterproof makeup. If you use it for sensitive skin, it is so soft that it does not sting in the eyes. You can easily use it to remove water proof mascara and eye shadows. In addition, it does not dry but provides hydration for the skin.

Thorough Face Cleaning

thorough face cleansing skin care tips

It is important to cleanse the skin not only of makeup and all-day impurities in the evening, but also of sebum, night care residues and skin scales in the morning. Use cotton swabs for cleansing which are also 100% organic, and soak them with micellar water and clean your face. The water will help you not only clean the skin, but will restore its softness and natural radiance.

Calms Down the Skin Immediately

micellar water can balance the pH of the skin

High quality products can not only remove make-up, but also balance the pH of the skin and soothe or eliminate redness. For example, micellar water with ginkgo biloba extract, green coffee and green tea has excellent antioxidant effects and protects sensitive skin from environmental stress.

Micellar Water Is a Universal Product

Micellar Water Is a Universal Product

Thanks to its properties, micellar water can replace cleansing gel or milk and tonic not only during the daily makeup routine, but especially when you travel. It is much more convenient to take just one bottle instead of several, right? Simply choose a variety that contains natural oils and concentrated oat lipids, thanks to which the skin is deeply nourished and regenerated.



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