The TOP 10 Summer Pedicure Colors for Women Over 50 that Will Make Your Toes Pop!

by Stephanie Yankova

Any woman wants to feel and look good when she steps out in her favorite open-toe sandals. That’s why our pedicure quickly becomes one of our main and most maintained accessories in the summer. Just like with fashion and hairstyles, there are new nail polish trends every season. So, what are the most popular summer pedicure colors for women over 50? The verdict is in! 

mismatched vibrant colorful pedicure nail polish ideas women over 50 summer 2023

What Color is Best for Summer Toes?

The best nail polish colors to wear in the summer are those in bright, vibrant hues. They’re playful, and youthful and perfectly accentuate your tanned sun-kissed skin. This season’s trendiest nail polish color is taken straight out of Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2023 New York Fashion Week color palette. It’s none other than the exhilarating Tangelo orange!

tangelo orange best summer pedicure nail polish color women over 50


What Color Pedicure Goes with Everything?

You’re looking for a versatile nail polish color that’s going to look great with every one of your outfits? There are two pedicure colors that nail art experts swear by – milky white and pastel pink! These two shades complement every skin tone and blend in effortlessly with any outfit! Because they look so natural on your nail bed, it’s really easy to match them with any manicure. If you want a fuss-free, clean and elegant-looking pedicure – these two colors should be your go-to!

clean girl aesthetic milky white summer pedicure women over 50

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The Best Summer Pedicure Colors for Women Over 50

classic french tip pedicure summer nail polish ideas women over 50

It goes without saying that you can never go wrong with classic French tips! They make your feet look well-maintained and suit every complexion fabulously. A great way to elevate this design is by switching the usual base with a milky white one. This will create a stronger contrast with your tan and really make your toes pop!

Blueberry Milk Summer Pedicure

blueberry milk nails summer pedicure color ideas

There is a new trend lurking around, and it already has the “celebrity-approved” stamp on it! A-list stars such as Zendaya, Dua Lipa, and Sofia Richie Grainge were all recently spotted sporting a set of blueberry milk nails. Coincidence? Maybe. Are we obsessed? Absolutely! This lavender-infused pastel blue is like the more classy sister of baby pink nail polish. It’s safe to say that we are looking forward to seeing more people wearing the trendy color this summer. Would you give it a try?

Barbie Pink Toes

watermelon pink summer pedicure nail polish color ideas women over 50

The vibrant watermelon pink is one of the hottest summer nail polish colors to wear. Thanks to the latest Barbie movie, it’s currently one of the trendiest ones, too! It’s never too late to be “a Barbie girl in a Barbie world”. This pedicure color is guaranteed to take a few years off your appearance!

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Neon Tangerine

bright orange nail polish popular summer pedicure ideas women over 50

As mentioned above, tangerine orange is set to be the most popular summer pedicure color of 2023.  It embodies the true essence of summer – it’s joyful, playful, bold yet elegant. It works really well in combination with hot pink, neon and cobalt blue, or as an accent replacement for the white tip in a classic French pedicure.

Neon Pink French Tips

neon pink french tip pedicure manicure summer nail polish colors women over 50

Just like the French tips never go out of style, so do neon colors. This summer we’re bringing these two timeless elements together in a stunning nail art combination. I like to call these neon French tips “chic with a twist”! The milky white base and minimalist design give you that fun yet subtle appearance. And the neon “I’m here, and I’m ready to have the best summer of my life”!

Elegant Burgundy with a Splash of Glitter

burgundy red silver glitter nail polish color summer pedicure trends women over 50

 If you’re not partial to the vibrant neon colors, you can go for a mix of dark colors and glitter. Burgundy is one of the colors that I love to see on mature women. It gives your appearance a certain refinement, yet there is something edgy about it. Since it’s summer, we don’t want to overdo the dark colors. This is where glitter comes into play. I find colorful glitter to be a little bit overwhelming and child-like. This is why I wouldn’t necessarily suggest it to women over 50. However, classic metallics such as silver and gold will complement the rich burgundy perfectly! If you have pale skin or a cool undertone, silver glitter will suit you better. Conversely, if your skin has a warm undertone, gold glitter would be the more fitting choice for you.

Aqua Blue Summer Pedicure

aqua blue nail polish summer pedicure design trends silver glitter reverse french tip

If you want to carry the spirit of the Azure coast wherever you go, this aqua-blue nail polish is the perfect choice for you! It looks stunning on tan skin and is a great accessory for people who dress in a more minimalist style. It has a strong presence without being overbearing. If you want to add a bit of zhuzh, it pairs really well with silver glitter, too!

Refreshing Neons

neon green yellow summer pedicure ideas women over 50 trendy nail polish colors

Let your strong colorful personality shine through this summer with this joyful neon pedicure! Who said that you can’t be quirky in your 50s? The zesty fresh green in combination with the playful lemonade yellow is a duo you don’t want to miss out on this season!

Classic Femme Fatale Red

classic red summer pedicure ideas women over 50 popular nail polish colors

Trends come and go, but the classic red nail polish remains undefeated! A true staple, this pedicure will make your toes look elegant and alluring all year round!

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