Pedicure Color for Pale Skin: Let’s Make Your Feet Look Cute!

by Gabby

We all love the sunny days, because we know that we are going to get that sun-kissed tan. However, for some of us, sun rays are an absolute taboo because of our pale skin. That doesn’t mean that we can’t show off our feet with some trendy pedicure. But what colors to try out is the big question here. So let me show you a pedicure color for pale skin that can be a game changer! Even if you don’t have a tan, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look absolutely amazing! Let’s check it out!

Pedicure Color for Pale Skin: Let’s Make Your Feet Look Cute!

pedicure for pale skin spring trends colors idea 2023

Pale skin is something that a lot of women are trying to hide away or cover up, because they think tan skin looks better. However, this can be very damaging for you, if you expose yourself to the sun for log time or even going to the solarium. Instead of hiding it, you should embrace it and try to make it look glowy and healthy. How you may ask? Let’s try some of the best pedicure colors for pale skin that will help you start loving it!

What Nail Polish Color Look Best on Pale Skin?

I know that it can be tricky to match your pale skin with the right nail polish. The best one for this type of skin are the pink and purple shades. Gray and certain shades of blue can also look amazing on your pale skin. Light purple and deep green can also play the trick of making your skin look healthier. The only hues you should avoid are the black and red, because it can make it look even more pale than it is.

what nail polish color look best on pale skin 2023


Pedicure Color for Pale Skin: Light Blue

light blue pedicure for pale skin ideas

Let’s start with one of the trendiest colors for the Spring/Summer season – light blue. It can certainly be the perfect choice for your pale skin pedicure. The gray undertone can really help with making your skin tone more pink and less pale. If you don’t want just a simple color on your nails for the Spring, you can try adapting a nail art that you will want to show off. Go ahead and copy this design, I am sure you are going to love it!

Best Pedicure Color for Pale Skin

best pedicure color for pale skin gray nail polish with black and white

What is the best nail polish for pale skin pedicure? You have to opt for something with gray undertone. The color is called elephant bone and it is a mixture between gray and white. You can adapt it easily for the Summer, since it goes with pretty much everything. Of course, you can do a cool nail art and make it even better!

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Forest Green Nail Polish

forest green nail polish pedicure for pale skin ideas

Deep greens will also be your best friend if you have pale skin. As you can see on the photo, it can get the best of your skin tone and make it look perfect. Not only that, but the forest green or emerald green hues are one of the trendiest at the moment. I know that people think you should avoid dark shades during Spring, but that is not always the case.

Summer Pedicure Color for Pale Skin

pedicure trends 2023 spring summer ideas

Should you avoid different patterns for your pedicure if you have pale skin? Of course not! I know that we have said you should stay away from black nail polish, but that doesn’t mean you cannot incorporate it somehow into your pedicure nail design. The houndstooth pattern will never go out of style and I am sure your nail artist can make it happen, if this is what you like. It can really look elegant and sophisticated.

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Pedicure Ideas for Pale Skin

matte pedicure 2023 trends nail polish ideas

Should you wear pastel colors this Spring? Try one for your pedicure!

light pastel green pedicure ideas spring summer 2023

Should you try a white pedicure? For your pale skin, we recommend elephant bone nail polish color!

white pedicure for pale skin

Matte colors are super chic and trendy! Pink matte nail polish will be a top choice!

pink pedicure ideas for spring summer 2023

Pedicure with cobalt blue and white!

elephant bone nail polish with cobalt blue pedicure

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