Pedicure Color for Brown Skin: Find the Best Ideas for the Spring-Summer Season of 2023!

by Anjelina

Not only a beautiful manicure is able to raise a woman’s self-esteem and put her in a good mood. The same goes for pedicures! Especially in the hot summer days when we wear open shoes or sandals, we will surely want the pedicure color to go with our outfit, right? In today’s article, you will find out which are the appropriate pedicure colors for brown skin. Be ready for lots of inspiring ideas, and we’re sure you’ll rush to take care of your toenails right after!

Pedicure Color for Brown Skin

gentle glitters and nudes pedicure color for brown skin 2023

Brown skin is extremely beautiful and the good news is that if you are lucky to have it, you can try almost any pedicure color you can think of. For example, bright and neon colors would really suit your skin tone and stand out. But you can also try more neutral shades, ones that go with your darker skin – they will look absolutely amazing. What is more, you could also go for the classic white, black or red. Now let’s see some of the suggestions we have for you!

Pastel Peach Color

pastel peach toenails brown skin tone


We start with a cool pedicure idea for brown skin, namely the application of pastel peach color. This is an incredibly soft and beautiful shade that is definitely worth trying. Very suitable for the spring and summer season when we want something fresh and cheerful, but at the same time neon shades are really not our thing.

Black: Matte and Glossy

black matte and glossy pedicure and manicure idea for brown skin

Try the classic black – you can also match it with your manicure. We offer you a great idea for matching pedicure and manicure that are inspired by the French mani as the tips of the nails have a glossy black finish and the rest of the nail plate is matte. You’ll definitely get a lot of compliments on this incredibly stylish and elegant combination.

Turquoise Color

turquoise toenails and fingernails brown skin

Is there a more summer-appropriate pedicure color for dark skin than the amazing turquoise? Probably not, which is why we recommend you give it a chance. Did you know that this beautiful blue-green color is one of the few that doesn’t evoke negative associations and emotions, and actually provokes positive thoughts? That’s definitely another reason to try it!

Neon Yellow

neon yellow for fingernails and toenails 2023 trendy color

Moving on to a great neon color that will take your pedicure to a whole other level. Yellow is so characteristic of warm days and brings such a positive mood that it just can’t help but be on our list of amazing pedicure suggestions for brown skin! Wear a loose yellow dress too and we’re sure you’ll feel great!

Pearl Toenails

pearl toenails trendy nail colors 2023 pedicure idea

Another interesting idea worth trying are the pearl shades, which look extremely delicate and feminine. Go for a manicure in the same shade to get a harmonious look inspired by the sea and its beautiful inhabitants. There are nail polishes on the market that mimic the effect, so you won’t even have to visit your manicurist!

White Pedicure

white mani and pedicure for brown skin

Until recently, women did not paint their fingernails and toenails white, as this was thought to be an option only for special occasions, such as weddings. Fortunately, this misconception has been disproven. In fact, the color white is versatile, fresh and creates associations with cleanliness and neatness of appearance. So if that’s your thing, you should definitely go for it!

Bright Magenta

bright magenta nail color for manicure and pedicure

Magenta is another fresh and trendy color option for pedicures that looks great, especially when the skin is darker because it stands out well and catches the eye. This playful, bright shade will suit any cheerful and smiling lady who loves life!

Baby Blue

baby blue nail color for brown skin pedicure idea

Baby blue is a soft color that look absolutely beautiful on all skin tones. Pastel tones are still topping the trends, and it should be noted that baby blue is a very relaxing color that has the ability to calm us down and make us happy. It is pleasing to the eye, and a manicure and pedicure in such a color would easily go with some fresh pastel outfit suitable for spring and summer.

Light Green

light green pedicure color for brown skin

The light green nail color would also look very good on brown skin, especially since it is very suitable for the summer season. Super fresh, trendy and flirty, it would suit any multicolored dress and outfit. This shade will create a positive mood and highlight your frivolous nature. However, you can also try other green shades or combine this one with yellow, blue or white for an even more cheerful look!


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