10 Trending Classy Summer Pedicure Colors We Can’t Wait to Wear in 2023!

by Stephanie Yankova

Open-toe shoe season is officially here which means only one thing – it’s time to get our pedicure done for the summer! I’m personally someone who likes to experiment with my manicures, but when it comes to my toes I prefer to keep it simple and classy. One reason for that is the fact that I like to wear colorful shoes in the summer which would usually clash with a bolder pedicure. But what other options do we have apart from the classic French tips? Scroll down to see some of the most stunning classy summer pedicure colors to try in 2023!

powder pink nail polish classy summer pedicure trendy design ideas 2023

What Color is Best for Summer Toes?

Nude colors such as powder pink, beige, and mocha are some of the most popular and versatile shades for summer toes. They suit every complexion and give your feet that “clean girl” well-maintained appearance. Pastel shades of blue, yellow, and pink are also a great choice for summertime pedicures. They create a strong contrast with your tanned skin which really makes your toenails pop without being too overbearing!

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What is the Most Popular Toenail Color for Summer 2023?

lavender blue classy summer pedicure color tan skin ideas trends 2023


Lavender blue is the unprecedented leader in the toenail color trends for 2023. Its playful and elegant hues radiate a joyful summer attitude that’s impossible to resist. It’s the perfect blend of sky blue which embodies the essence of summer, and gentle calming lavender purple. If there is one nail polish color you need to try this summer, it’s definitely this one!

The Trendiest Classy Summer Pedicure Colors for 2023

classic red classy summer pedicure colors trendy ideas 2023

Ladies, it’s time for us to give our toes the royal treatment! Step into the new summer season with a classy pedicure set you’ll be proud to show off wherever you go! Scroll on to see the most beautiful toenail colors of the season. Let’s choose the best one for you!

Elegant Pearly White Toes

pearly white classy nail polish ideas trends summer 2023

2023 is the year of shimmers, chrome and metallics. But how can you adapt this bold trend for a more elegant look? The answer hides deep in the ocean – it’s pearls! The subtle shimmer and reflective surface are the classy sisters of the chrome finish. A pearly white pedicure is a brilliant way to keep up with the latest trends while also keeping it clean and simple!

Classy Beige Glossy Nail Polish

beige nail polish classy summer pedicure ideas trendy designs


As we mentioned above, nudes are IN this summer! The great thing about them is that the range of nude shades is so broad you can never run out of options! What I love about this particular shade of beige is that it has a cool undertone which really makes it pop against tanned summer skin!

Deep Matte Burgundy Pedicure

matte burgundy nail polish classy summer pedicure colors ideas 2023

Who said that dark shades are only for the cold months? This chic deep burgundy exudes class and style! If you have olive skin, I guarantee you that you’re going to love this color on your toes! Don’t shy away from the matte top coat either! It gives your toes a cleaner, more refined and elevated appearance!

Classic Milky White Toes with a Gold Twist

white toes gold glitter classy summer pedicure 2023 inspiration

White toes are an all-time favorite classic when it comes to summer pedicures. They’re crisp, stylish and go with pretty much everything! The only downside – it’s quite outdated! Instead of the usual paper white nail polish, opt for a softer milky white shade. Add some gold glitter or gold leaf on top and turn your toes into little jewels in no time!

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Timeless Deep Red Nail Polish

deep red summer classy pedicure colors design ideas trends 2023

Universally, when we think of classy nails there are two things that come to mind – French tips and red nail polish. It probably comes as no surprise to you that the reign of the classic deep red continues! It’s a universal shade that looks flawless on every skin tone. The best part – you can wear it all year long and it will never look outdated!

Salmon Pink Toes

salmon pink nail polish classy summer pedicure color ideas trends 2023

Just in time for the long-anticipated Barbie movie premiere, the pink nail polish is back with a bang! However, we still want to keep it minimal and classy. How? Opt for a more subtle, peachy shade. This salmon pink is a perfect choice that gives you both summer vibes and effortless elegance.

White and Silver Classy Summer Pedicure

white nail polish silver glitter classy summer pedicure ideas 2023

Here’s a clever nail art tip – glitter is the easiest way to elevate any nail polish! This minimalist monochromatic pedicure with a white base and silver glitter is an absolute winner in my book! It’s effortless, chic, super on-trend and completely unpretentious!

Matte Earthy Green Toenail Polish

matte earthy green classy summer pedicure ideas trends

Another one of my absolute favorites – matte earthy green pedicure! I have to admit, this is the nail polish color I am personally obsessed with! It looks gorgeous on my tanned skin and the color exudes so much class and simplicity. It’s subtle and minimalist yet adds so much character to your appearance!


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