Can You Wash Pesticides Off Fruit? Discover The 6 Proven Methods!

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This season we are definitely eating more vegetables and fruits because of the hot weather. They are a light food to consume, but they provide us with all the vitamins and minerals. But, have you ever thought if you can wash pesticides off fruit? What do we really ingest when we eat fruit? How can we make sure we eat really healthy?

Can You Wash Pesticides Off Fruit: Ensure That Your Food is Healthy

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How do you wash your fruit before eating it? Do you really make the effort to get rid of pesticides? I know most of us just wash them off with cold water and think that’s enough, but the truth is quite different. As you can guess, supermarket bought vegetables and fruits have a lot of pesticides. What are they really? They are the substances or mixtures that are sprayed on the fruit and vegetables to kill all the pests. However, there are countless chemicals in the pesticides themselves that are harmful to us, and for that we need to be very careful! In fact, it has been proven by many studies that pesticides are toxic to humans and can bring many chronic diseases! To prevent that, check out how to wash them off your fruits.

Can You Wash Pesticides Off Fruit and Vegetables?

Unfortunately, you cannot simply wash your fruits and vegetables and expect that you will remove the pesticides. Experts explain that unlike other surfaces, fruits and vegetables have pores and even if you wash them with water, the pesticides can get stuck in those pores and remain there. If you want to get rid of them completely, you have to do a bit more than washing them with water. What are the methods? Find out now!

How Do You Remove Pesticides from Fruit?

If you are wondering if it’s possible to completely remove pesticides from fruit, the answer is yes! However, we already mentioned above that you should do more than simply washing them with cold water. There are a few methods that will give you the best results, according to studies.

  1. Wash your fruit with warm water: Put the fruits in a large bowl and run them through warm water. This is proven to be helpful in removing pesticides. However, this method will not remove them completely, you have to keep that in mind. It will eliminate some of them, but it is best if you leave them under the water for a bit.
  2. Soaking the fruit in water: Is this method really helpful? Yes! Especially when it comes to the small fruit like berries, this can help you remove the pesticides from them. Grab your bowl and fill it up with the fruits you want to wash. Then run them through warm water and let them soak for at least 5 minutes. Keep in mind that the water should be WARM, and not hot!
  3. Scrub or rub the fruit together: You can’t simply wash the fruits and expect to remove the pesticides. You have to do some scrubbing! You can do it with a brush or grab two of the fruits and rub them together, or use your hands. Of course, the brush will give you the best results.
  4. Wash the fruit with baking soda: You know many people use baking soda to clean different things around their household. It turns out that it is also a great ingredient that will help you remove the pesticides off fruit. It can remove up to 98% of the pesticides, which is incredible! So, grab a bowl and fill it up with water and 1 tablespoon baking soda. Put your fruit inside and wash them. You can rinse them off afterwards.
  5. Wash your fruit in salted water: Did you know that washing your fruit in salted water can also help you remove the pesticides? Put your fruits in a bowl and fill it up with water. Put 2 tablespoons of salt and let the fruit soak for about 10 minutes. After that, rinse them off and enjoy!
  6. Remove the peel: If the fruit can be peeled off, that will remove the pesticides as well. For example, if you peel off the apple, you will ensure that there are no pesticides on it.

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Do Organic Fruits Have Pesticides?

Even if you are one of these people that love buying organic fruit, that doesn’t mean that they are pesticide-free. As we mentioned, pesticides are used to eliminate pests, which means that they are also used in a way in the organic produce. People often get confused that organic means no pesticides, but that’s not the case. There are pesticides that are approved and especially made for organic produce and farming, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to wash your fruit.

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Is It Safe to Eat Fruit with Pesticides?

Eating fruit with pesticides is not safe. As we already mentioned, some studies show that pesticides can lead to chronic diseases and can be really toxic for humans. Therefor, it is essential to carefully wash your fruit with the methods that we discussed, so that you ensure the produce is safe to be consumed.

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