Glass Nails a la Kate Middleton: Try Out the Current Nail Trend for Fall 2023!

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Are you looking for a manicure that requires less maintenance? If you’re looking for the quintessential “clean girl” manicure, you can’t go past Kate Middleton’s quick glass nails.

Women are constantly looking for the next manicure trend – whether it’s nude nails or latte nails, they’re eager to experiment with every style, shape and every other choice in between to find the biggest nail trends of the year. Discover more about which manicures are classy yet simple so you can try them out in fall 2023. These nail polish colors and nail designs are perfect for women of all ages because they simply look very chic!

The Latest Nail Polish Trend – Glass Nails

the latest nail polish trend glass nails

Known for keeping her nails very natural and shiny, Princess Catherine is a good example of someone who has perfected her signature manicure. A manicure that makes it appear as if nails are made of glass is called “glass nails” and is what Kate wears. It’s so annoying when you have a colorful manicure and then have to rethink your outfit because your nails don’t match, so Kate’s nails are simple and neutral. Not only are they extremely easy to care for, but they are also versatile, as a simple nude manicure goes with almost any outfit.

glass nails a la kate middleton

While royal etiquette doesn’t allow Kate to wear bright manicure colors or patterns, we have every reason to believe that even if she were allowed to break that norm, she would most likely still opt for her signature nail design. Kate’s manicures tend to look luxe and understated, although she has worn some bold colors like red and light pink in the past.

This is the latest nail trend inspired by Kate Middleton – the princess always wears clean, natural nails topped with a glossy top coat. The goal of this look is to imitate the shiny look of glass – this will make a woman’s manicure chic, elegant and classy!

clean girl nails fall 2023 nail trends

More and more women are embracing the clean girl look and tend towards minimalist beauty routines, which is why there is currently a growing demand for manicure that fit seamlessly into this trend – Glass Nails will instantly spice up your entire look and match different outfits and occasions.

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Who Can Try This Manicure Trend?

who can try this manicure trend

It’s not just members of the royal families who have adopted this style. Glass nail art is currently on the rise and is perfect for women of all ages. The design complete the natural, clean aesthetic that has been trending for quite some time. You should definitely try this low-maintenance manicure right away!

Quick Imitation of Kate Middleton’s Glass Nails

quick imitation of kate middletons glass nails

In most cases, you’ll just need to do the usual prep work, like polishing your nails, cutting and filing them into the right shape, and trimming the cuticles if necessary. Kate takes special care to file her nails into a square shape with rounded corners so there are no sharp corners or edges.

Then apply your preferred base coat with a brush, wait for it to dry and finally apply an ultra-glossy top coat to create a surface that looks like glass. Before applying the top coat, you can apply one or two coats of the nail polish of your choice in a nude or pink shade if you want to achieve a cool look by incorporating just a touch of an elegant color into your manicure.

Glass Nails with French Tips

glass nails with french tips

The traditional white French manicure can be updated with a nude, glossy top coat for a stylish and elegant look. It has a sophisticated and modest twist that offers a unique perspective. This elegant manicure is a flexible choice that goes well with any attire or event. But it also looks great on its own.

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Light Pink, Shiny Nails as a Trend in Fall 2023

light pink shiny nails fall 2023 trend

Another popular alternative for glass nails is the glossy, light pink nail design that features a touch of casual elegance and seductive femininity. This manicure is a subtle choice that goes well with every skin tone. Due to its discreet elegance and timeless charm, the light pink nail design is ideal for women of all ages who want to achieve a sophisticated look.

Nude Glass Nails

nude glass nails

People who want to look polished and well-groomed but don’t want to bother with complicated nail art should consider nude nails as they are the most natural manicure style. They offer just a hint of color, drawing attention to the natural beauty of the nails.

Glazed, Shiny Nails

glazed shiny nails

The glazed nude nail polish has gained popularity recently as it is a sophisticated choice. In this nail design, the nails are given a glossy finish that gives the impression that the nails are made of glass. The glazed nude nail design is an excellent option for women who want to make a statement while maintaining a sophisticated manicure look.

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