Burgundy Red Nail Art: 20 Chic Winter 2023/2024 Manicure Ideas

by Kristiyana

Always at the top of winter trends, burgundy-red nail polish will continue to dominate in the years to come. Classic, timeless, very chic, and versatile, this top shade can be worn with everything and gives every look a French touch. So much to choose from! It’s my favorite nail polish color and I can’t wait to adopt it in a week’s time. If you too are looking for burgundy red nail art ideas, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Focus on the most popular designs, the shades to match, and twenty inspiring ideas!

Burgundy Red Nail Art: How to Wear This Nail Polish Color?

nail art trend chic short nails in burgundy red

As a classic shade that has stood the test of time, burgundy red is best worn as a monochrome look. That way, you can make the most of its sophisticated allure for a winter 2023/2024 manicure at its best. This deep shade, which is actually a dark red, is always in style from the beginning of November, which also means you can adapt it to the upcoming festive season. In this case, you can incorporate a few festive accents, but without overdoing it. Here are my favorites:

  • Burgundy red and gold nail art: a classic combination that smells of Christmas! I suggest you adopt gold subtly to avoid overloading the design and looking cheesy. Think abstract effects, a simple swirl accent, or even the half-French manicure.
  • Black: A second idea that should be worn sparingly to avoid the risk of a too-dark manicure.
  • Pale pink: Delicate and feminine, pale pink blends perfectly with dark red, toning down its rocky allure.
  • Rhinestones and pearls: Although not really a color, it’s essential to mention these star accessories that will add a festive touch to your burgundy-red nail art. Always use them in small quantities.

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Which Nail Shape Will Enhance This Dark Red?

burgundy and gold nail art on short almond nails

Burgundy red nail polish is generally suitable for all nail shapes, but there is one that brings it out best. I’m talking in particular about the rounded, square nails that were all the rage this spring-summer. And with good reason! As well as pampering soft, brittle nails, rounded squares give hands an unrivalled aesthetic touch. The almond shape is also a good choice, but it’s best to avoid nails that are too long.

Now it’s time for inspiration!

Burgundy Red Nail Art in 20 Ideas for Your Winter 2023 Manicure!

burgundy red nail art winter 2023 almond nails

Bold burgundy and black matte-effect nail art

long square matte burgundy red nails with black

Rounded nails for a simple yet elegant manicure

short almond nails burgundy red manicure winter 2023

A deep shade of burgundy, tending towards purple

short almond nails nail polish trend winter 2023

Rounded square nails are perfect for THE winter 2023 manicure color

short square nails manicure winter 2024

Dare to use rhinestones and pearls, but avoid overdoing it!

almond nails burgundy red manicure with pearls

Abstract almond-shaped gel nails

long stiletto nails burgundy red manicure with abstract effect

Colorful rhinestones add a festive touch to your hands

burgundy red nails almond rhinestones nail art christmas

The winter 2023 manicure is all about deep colors and short nails

manicure color trend winter 2023 burgundy red

Stiletto shape creates a rock’n’roll look

color manicure winter 2023 nail art red burgundy nails stiletto

Ballerina nails are daring too!

color manicure winter 2023 burgundy red long nails

A slightly lighter shade for less daring girls

short nails trendy color burgundy

Very dark red combined with beige & embellished with cute little hearts

french manicure burgundy and light beige

Festive burgundy and gold French manicure nail art

french manicure winter 2023 burgundy red nail art

Pale pink, burgundy & discreet glitter: A winter 2024 manicure to die for!

winter manicure 2023 burgundy red nail art with pink abstract effect

Square nails in a chic monochrome look

winter 2023 manicure burgundy red short square nails

Sublime burgundy-red glitter nail art

burgundy red manicure 2023 2024 nail art trend

Don’t underestimate larger glitters, but use them in small touches

burgundy red manicure with glitter

Festive burgundy and gold nail art

nail art burgundy and gold rounded square nails

A simple gold stripe to energize the dark red manicure

burgundy red and gold nail art nail polish trend 2023

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