January Nails 2024: You Can’t Resist Trying These Winter Manicure Designs

by Kremy

2024 is here, which means it’s time to update your manicure. What are January nails 2024 trends? Many women prefer to keep the festive themes on their nails, but fashionistas are already looking for a new design. After all, the holidays are over and it’s time to return to our normal life. So, let’s look at the hottest January nail art trends.

January Nails 2024: Winter Manicure Colors and Design Trends

january nails 2024 winter manicure colors and design trends

January 2024 comes with a lot of ideas for those who like to experiment with nail design. In this article we will tell you about fashionable design ideas for January nails 2024, as well as share tips on choosing colors, shapes and decorations that will help to create a unique look for any occasion. From metallic nails to celestial patterns, from minimalist nail art to tortoiseshell – there’s something for every taste, nail shape and length. Let’s go!

Trendy Blue January Nails 2024

trendy blue january nails 2024

The color of the month is blue! Whether you choose a rich, deep, dark shade or light icy blue, you’ll have the perfect January manicure. The great about blue nail polish is that it looks great on both long and short nails. Blue nails will be on trend in 2024, so why not start January with them?

Winter French Nails

january nails 2024 winter french nails

French nails remain among the top design, favorite of women all over the world. For January, you can opt for traditional French nail art or choose one of the many variations – glitter tips, micro, ombre, etc.

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Black and White Nails for January 2024

black and white nails for january 2024

Black and white nails combine two classic shades that perfectly match each other. Black and white nail art (or its softer version – milky) are perfect for a stylish design in January 2024. You have many options to choose from – abstract nail art, French, geometric patterns or negative space, etc.

Gold Nails in January 2024

gold nails in january 2024 nail art trends

Nail designs with gold accents are a great way to add a little zest to any manicure. The sparkling accents will instantly transform any nail design into something special.

Glitter Nail Art

january 2024 manicure trends glitter nail art

Another January 2024 manicure trend is to add glitter to your nails to give them an extra glow this winter. Whether you have short or long nails, a light layer of fine glitter will look good on everyone and will suit any occasion. To give your manicure a slight touch of sparkle, use a glitter polish as a base coat.

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Minimalist Nail Art

minimalist nail art january 2024 trends

Restrained decor is at the peak of popularity and nails in minimalist style will be appropriate for both everyday and festive events. Simple geometric patterns or a small amount of glitter will look good on both short and long nails.

Metallic Nails

metallic nails january 2024 trends chrome nails

Metallic nails remain on top of trends. You probably tried the chrome nails, but keep in mind that we shall be seeing them in 2024 as well. Choose any color that looks great with a metallic effect – gold, silver, rose gold, burgundy or emerald green and you can be certain that your manicure is super fashionable.

Celestial Nail Art

celestial nail art january nails 2024

From simple stars to more intricate patterns, from classic shades to bright colors, celestial nail art is the perfect décor for your January nails. Whether you need to decorate your nails for a special occasion or just want a change, these designs will help you stand out from the crowd.

More Ideas to Try in January

Short metallic nails in pink

short metallic nails in pink

Nude nails are a good choice all year round

nude nails are a good choice all year round

Black and silver French tips

black and silver french tips

Cateye nail art offers the trendy metallic sheen

cateye nail art offers the trendy metallic sheen

Plants and floral nail art is back

plants and floral nail art is back

Black and gold V-French tips

black and gold v french tips

Tortoiseshell nails will be trendy in January 2024

tortoiseshell nails will be trendy in january 2024

Chrome nails remain on top of trends

chrome nails remain on top of trends

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