Hairstyles with curtain bangs: Trendy haircuts you should try in spring 2023!

by Anjelina

If there’s a 1970s trend that’s making a comeback, it’s curtain bangs. They are a great way to completely update your style. Not only are they trendy and easy to maintain, but they also give their owner a youthful vibe. Your eyes and cheekbones attract attention when you wear bangs as they frame your face and accentuate its features. The great thing about hairstyles with curtain bangs is that they are very adaptable and can adjust to your hair length, texture and face shape. They look beautiful on women of all ages and can be tousled, voluminous or even vintage-looking.

What exactly are the curtain bangs?

what exactly are the curtain bangs and what haircuts are they suitable for

Curtain bangs are a special type of fringe that frames the face by parting the hair in the middle. The bangs hair falls in a cascading motion over the cheekbones and jawline, drawing attention to these features.

curtain bangs frame the face parting the hair in the middle


Curtain bangs first became very popular in the 1970s. At that time, this was a modern style for actresses. Hairstyles with curtain bangs made a comeback in the early 2020s.

Trendy hairstyles for spring 2023 – short hair with curtain bangs

trendy hairstyles for spring 2023 short hair with curtain bangs

Curtain bangs look especially chic on short hair. They can frame your face and make you look younger, or they can add a feminine touch to an extremely short haircut like a pixie one.

pixie shag cut hairstyles with curtain bangs

You can also wear the bangs with a pixie shag to instantly spice up your look.

Hairstyles with curtain bangs – bob cut

trendy hairstyles with curtain bangs bob cut

What could be a more effective way to update your look than adding bangs to your bob? The bob is a classic haircut because it is easy to style and goes well with a variety of hair types. It is suitable for ladies of all ages and can be combined especially well with bangs, which give a more youthful look and add volume to the hair.

bob cut and curtain bangs for more youthful appearance and volume

Curtain bangs give a traditional short bob haircut a modern update, which is pretty cool.

short layered hairstyle for women with bangs

The bob is a great option for people with thin hair, and if you give it a few layers, it can make the impression that you have more hair than you actually do.

stylish A-line bob haircut with short curtain bangs

The cool combination of an A-line bob with curtain bangs instantly makes you look younger, elegant and stylish!

Modern, medium length layered cuts with curtain bangs for thin or thick hair

modern layered medium length hairstyle with a fringe

Adding layers to your haircut is a great way to give your hair more character and movement. They have the ability to draw attention to your most attractive features while framing your face. If you have thin hair, bangs can make your hair look more voluminous, and if you have thick hair, they can help your hair not look so heavy. You may want to add curtain bangs to create a more natural look.

Curtain bangs for curly hair – Trends 2023

curtain bangs for curly hair

Curly hair goes very well with the aesthetics of a fringe hairstyle. Since the texture is thick and very mobile, it gives the impression that your bangs are in good condition and bouncy as well. This makes it one of the best choices. Bangs are very versatile and can be styled in a way that suits individual facial features.

medium length curly hair with curtain bangs

Besides, this fringe looks fantastic with any hair length. However, if you prefer a more feminine style, you should wear your hair medium length and use a product that defines curls.

Shoulder-length hairstyles

hairstyles with curtain bangs to try in 2023

Even if you cut your hair to shoulder-length and add bangs, you have a variety of styling options. You can wear your hair in a messy updo or let it fall open and wildly wavy. It is also possible to style it so that it has more texture and looks unkempt. This is a great way to imitate the 1970s and achieve a simple and stylish look.

blunt bob platinum blonde hair and a fringe

Moreover, ladies of all ages can benefit from having their hair cut this way.

Hairstyles for long hair

long blond straight hair and bangs

A feminine and charming image is created when you wear bangs with long hair. Although long hair requires much more care, it can be styled in different ways. Long hair suits any hair texture and is a sign that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and consume enough nutrients.

long wavy dark hair and long curtain bangs

If you have long hair, curtain bangs are a good idea as they accentuate your facial features and highlight your eyes and cheekbones.

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