How to style cargo pants – 2023 spring outfits trends to copy immediately

by Kremy

It is almost impossible to imagine a woman’s closet without a pair of comfortable pants that are suitable for every day and for special occasions. Cargo pants have proven to be one of the must-have items in every closet. Last season cargo pants were at the peak of popularity and as you can see they are not going to give up their positions in 2023. How to style cargo pants and create a trendy spring 2023 outfit? Discover the trendiest looks and successful combinations!

What are cargo pants?

How to style cargo pants 2023 spring outfits trends to copy

Do you have a pair of cargo pants in your closet? If you haven’t got the time to get one, then plan your next shopping and get one… or two! Cargo pants are baggy, spacious pants with large patch pockets. The pockets are on the sides of each pant leg, usually in the lower part of the thigh. They are closed and fixed with buttons, velcro and zippers, so you can put large objects there. The number, shape and size of pockets vary depending on the model. These ultra-comfortable pants come in a wide variety of fabrics – from denim and cotton, to leather, silk and linen. In terms of color – the choice is practically unlimited. You can choose from classics like black, white, gray, beige, sandy, brown or bright colors.

How to style cargo pants – trendy spring outfits 2023

How to style cargo pants trendy spring outfits 2023


Once you got a pair of the ultra fashionable pants the question “what to wear them with” arises naturally. We will show you how to style cargo pants and look trendy and stylish. The truth is that this type of pants may be a bit of a challenge due to the cut and the pockets. As much as practical the side pockets are, they add volume and you need to balance your look and choose the rest of your clothes in a way to complement your figure.

Combine with a t-shirt

Combine trendy cargo pants with a t shirt spring 2023 outfits

How to create a trendy spring cargo pants outfit for spring? Combine cargo pants with a t-shirt. The main thing is maximum comfort. You can opt for solid color T-shirts, striped or graphic prints.

How to combine cargo pants with a jacket?

How to combine cargo pants with a jacket 2023 spring outfits

In spring 2023, you should wear cargos with demi-seasonal coats, leather and denim jackets. The combination of cargo pants and a fitted jacket is very appropriate. The result is a clear outline and slender silhouette.

 casual spring outfits 2023 trendy cargo pants and bomber jacket

What will make the ultra-fashionable cargo pants even more fashionable? Of course, the combination with the most popular jacket of the season – a bomber. A bomber jacket will allow you to create a military or sports style. As we mentioned, you need to be careful not to overdo it, so go for a simple white T-shirt under the bomber jacket.

Style your trendy pants with a sweater

cargo pants outfits spring 2023 trends

The combination of a sweater and cargo pants is very practical, and ideal for everyday wear. This casual outfit is perfect for an evening with friends or for a day in the park. Sweater and cargo pants combo is not only practical, but an attractive and functional outfit for spring.

Style the fashionable pants with a shirt or blouse – 2023 spring outfits

shirt and cargo pants trendy spring outfits 2023

Due to the specific cut, cargo pants are usually loose and baggy. The best combination is with short shirts. You can tuck in the shirt as well. This will give you a slimmer look.

Can you combine cargo pants with a blazer?

blazer and cargo pants trendy outfits 2023

Blazer and cargo pants is another outfit trend for spring 2023. It is true that these pants are meant to be more casual than formal, but if you want to add an elegant touch to your look, go for a blazer. This outfit is suitable for the office and for going for a walk.

Tank top or crop-top

cargo pants outfits with crop top spring 2023 trends

A crop-top or tank-top is perfectly combined with cargo pants. You can choose any color, but if you go for a monochromatic look, you will create the perfect spring 2023 outfit!

How to accessorize your casual outfit?

cargo pants outfits accessories belts handbags

Textile and leather belts are the perfect accessory for cargo pants. Choose a bag that works with your outfit. A tote bag is perfect for everyday look while a backpack will give you a sporty look. A clutch or a box bag is suitable for a party outfit.

What shoes to wear with cargo pants in spring 2023?

What shoes to wear with cargo pants spring 2023 fashion

For spring 2023 you have a lot of different choices: trendy ankle boots, lace up boots, loafers, etc. Do you want to create a more feminine look? Then go for high heels! Do you want a casual and comfortable cargo pants outfit? Trendy sneakers are the best choice when functionality is a priority.


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