Bob with curtain bangs for women over 60: Tips and advice + looks that take 10 years off

by Kristiyana

The right hairstyle can take up to 10 years off your face! There’s no denying it. When it comes to hair length, short to medium length hairstyles are known to defy age and flatter older women. One such hairstyle is the bob. Whether a short, chin-length or long bob, combining it with the fashionable curtain bangs gives you a fresh and younger look. What exactly makes this hairstyle and how women over 60 wear and style it correctly, we reveal in the article!

Bob with curtain bangs: a trendy cut for all ages


Age is just a number. It should not determine how we should feel, and it is definitely not a disadvantage. You can be young and confident at any age and especially for ladies, a new hairstyle can add to that.

Curtain bangs have been one of the trendiest bangs variations around for a few years now. And not without reason, of course. The so-called curtain bangs are a particularly flattering hairstyle that slims round faces and beautifully conceals the small wrinkles around the eyes. Furthermore, it looks great in combination with short, medium or long hair and gives your hair shape and structure.

The best ideas for a bob with curtain bangs over 60



Since the bob is one of the best hairstyles for older ladies, we show below how women over 60 can combine a bob with curtain bangs. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next haircut or want to see some ideas for modern hairstyles for a trendy new look, these examples will impress you!

A few tips in advance:

  • Consider your hair texture when determining bangs length. Curly hair should not be cut too short.
  • Don’t think too much when styling. Curtain bangs should be effortless.
  • Consult your stylist to choose the right length that best suits your face shape and lifestyle.

Sleek bob with curtain bangs hairstyle


Curtain bangs allow you to add variety to the modern style of a sleek, shoulder-length cut on fine hair. Your hairstyle will look trendier with face-framing strands. A centre parting works best, but you can part it to the side if you like. Shorter layers around the face make the most of fine hair. They give it more style and make it look thicker. Blow-dry your hair from back to front with a medium round brush for a soft and smooth finish.

Blunt chin-length bob and long curtain bangs


The blunt bob is a blunt, short to medium length cut that suits women of all ages. Combined with a few face-framing highlights, the hairstyle looks particularly chic and modern. Curtain bangs can enhance the typical bob and transform it into a flattering haircut. This hairstyle is very trendy right now and can be worn regardless of your age. It suits women with straight hair best.

Long bob with curtain bangs haircut


This is the ideal hairstyle for older ladies! With a long bob haircut, the hair is neither too short nor too long and offers plenty of styling options. However, with a centre parted fringe framing the face, you don’t need much more styling—the hairstyle just sits beautifully as it is. For a little extra texture, the long bob can be cut with a few layers. And last but not least: the hairstyle also looks great with grey hair.

Styling the trendy combination with curly hair


As a woman over 60, don’t be afraid to try the bangs trend. Although these bangs are typically paired with straight hair, they look just as good with curls. So add them to your curly bob at your next haircut. The centre parting bangs suit any face shape and can modernize your style. It’s the perfect option for those who have stayed young at heart despite their age and like to keep up with the latest trends.

Curtain bangs and colour for a youthful look


A mid-length bob with bangs for women over 60 looks stylish and cleverly frames the eyes. Curtain bangs and lobs are a great duo as daily styling is not too time-consuming and a lob suits most face shapes and hair textures. Ladies who like to experiment can spice up the look with a few colour accents in the hair to add a cheeky touch.

This bob hairstyle is perfect for thin hair


If you’re a woman over 60, bangs will give your hair the texture and volume it needs and eliminate thin, shaggy ends. If you don’t want to commit to full fringe, curtain bangs are a great style to start with. They are also a great way to conceal your frown lines. Be sure to brush your hair forward to create the ‘curtain’ effect of the bangs and set your style with a volumizing hairspray, especially if they are cut short.

Medium length vs. short: Which is best?


And back to our tips: Here you can see how the right hair length can change your whole look. The slightly shorter bangs and the chin-length bob cut give an extra portion of volume and create a particularly flattering look.

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