How To Style A Lob Haircut Effortlessly For Different Hair Types All Year Round

by Stephanie Yankova

Springtime is just around the corner, which means that it’s time for a new haircut! I know this can be a dreadful process for many of us – there’s so much to choose from, you want something low-maintenance, yet stylish and effective that doesn’t require too big of a commitment? No, we’re not talking about boyfriends, even though it sounds like the criteria is overlapping. There’s one hairstyle that’s been stealing the show since the beginning of 2023 and believe me, the craze is only getting bigger! I’m talking about the lob! What’s a lob? I’ll assume that you’ve been living on a remote island with no internet for the last few months, so I’ll let this one slide. A lob is essentially a long bob – that shoulder-length effortless hairstyle so many celebrities seem to be wearing with such ease, while we struggle to maintain it once we’ve left the hair salon. Don’t stress your pretty head – there’s a solution to every dread. Keep reading to find some easy tips and tricks on how to style a lob haircut!

How To Style A Lob Haircut With Bangs?

wolf bob cut lob trend short hairstyle 2023

The great thing about the lob is that, if cut properly, it can suit every face shape. There’s been a narrative going around the beauty and fashion industry for ages that bangs don’t suit everyone, and I’m here to tell you this is simply not true! You just need to consult with a good hairstylist, so they can suggest you the right kind of bangs for your face and hair texture. The only downside of having bangs is that they require regular trimming. If you’re thinking about making this commitment, or you’ve already done it and are looking for inspiration on how to style it, look no further! Let’s take a look at some pictures showing how to style a long bob with bangs effortlessly!

Classic C-shape Lob With Choppy Bangs

classic c shape collarbone length bob hairstyle inspiration


Playful, stylish, and effortlessly cool – this hairstyle is so versatile you can wear it everywhere from the coffee shop, to the office, the club, and even a red carpet event! Try curling inwards the ends of your hair in order to add some structure and texture to the hair. It’s good to use an anti-humidity spray for a more long-lasting effect.

Shoulder Length Lob With Blunt Bangs

shoulder length long bob blunt bangs bella hadid

A classy, smooth and glossy 80s inspired lob – we simply can’t get enough of this classic look! The best part – it’s super easy to achieve! The full blunt bangs might require more frequent visits to the hair salon, as they do grow quite fast, but the final femme fatale look makes it all worth it! In order to achieve this smooth look, you can style your hair with a paddle brush and lightly curl the ends with a round brush. If you want that supper shiny final effect, use a reflective shine styling hairspray.

Defined Curls

wavy lob with bangs styling ideas

You know when your long bob gets to that awkward length, and you start to run out of ideas on how to style it? These shiny, defined curls look stunning on both shorter and longer hair and all you need in order to achieve this look a wave wand! Don’t forget to apply heat protection spray beforehand, and some medium hold hairspray for long-lasting results.

How To Style A Lob Haircut For Sharp, Straight Hair?

lob straight hair side part styling ideas

You have a naturally straight hair, you’ve just gotten the trendiest long bob haircut for 2023 and have no idea how to style it? Believe me, you’re not alone! As effortless as it may look to have a perfectly falling, always in place straight hair, it does get boring! You want to be able to style it occasionally, but the heat damage, time and energy that goes into curling it can be almost as exhausting and tedious as training for a marathon! I see you, and I got you! Here are some easy, trendy ways to style your straight lob.

Sleek Side Part Lob

sleek side part blunt blond lob styling ideas

The deep side part creates visual asymmetry, which helps create a more playful appearance with such minimal efforts! For a guaranteed super smooth look all day long, you can apply a leave-in sleek spray for extra hold and shine.

‘Wet’ Slicked Back Lob

wet slicked back lob styling inspo easy effortless everyday look

The effortlessly chic slicked back look is a well-known celebrity favorite. It’s not only super easy to achieve, but is also a great cheat code for a stunning hair during those last two days in-between washes. It’s so cool and effortless that it instantly elevates your whole appearance, regardless of whether you’re in sweatpants, cocktail dress or a suit. Now, how do we make it look wet, but not greasy? Slick back your hair with an anti-frizz hairspray – apply it all the way from the roots to the ends. Finish up by blow-drying it and voilà!

How To Accessorize A Lob Haircut?

middle part lob haircut clips styling accessories

For those of you who don’t shy away from accessories, why not dress up your hair a little, too? Part your blunt, straight lob in the middle and add a couple of slides and hair clips on one side, or both! Have some fun with it – create cross patterns, maybe add some pearls, play around with sizes and textures, and don’t forget to match the material of the slides with your jewelry for a more coherent look.

How To Style A Lob Haircut For Type 4 Curls?

type 4 curls lob haircut styling ideas

Curly and coily hair can be tricky to style, because it’s much more prone to dryness and damage than straight, or wavy hair. One of the main thing you need to implement into your hair rituals is intense moisturizing! That way your curls are going to look shiny, bouncy and nourished all year round! Keeping that in mind, here are some ideas from our favorite celebrities on how you can style your curly lob!

Soft Brushed Out Natural Curls

soft brushed out natural culs lob hairstyle ideas type 4 hair

Like we previously mentioned, the key component here is moisture! Hair products grapeseed oil, castor oil, or jojoba oil will keep your curly hair nourished and happy! Apply the oils on damp hair and brush it thoroughly, working your way from the bottom up, and let it air dry.

Senegalese Twist Lob

senegalese twist lob protective hairstyle ideas short hair

The Senegalese twists will help keep your lob moisturized during the winter, or in places with dry climate, as these conditions make curly hair more prone to dryness and damage.

Curly Wet Look For A Lob Haircut

curly wet effortless everyday look lob hairstyle

This layered chin-length lob looks stunning on people with more loose curs. In order to achieve this effortless, ‘wet’ effect, we suggest you use curl defining hair creams with coconut oil and shea butter.

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