7 Ways to Use Pure Coconut Oil for Hair and Skin And Achieve Flawless Results

by Stephanie Yankova

Over the last couple of years, the beauty industry skyrocketed and is currently valued at 511 billion dollars. From beauty influencers to models, musicians, actors and even athletes, everyone is racing to put out the next best-selling skincare product on the market. The beauty realm continues to grow at such unprecedented rates that people can barely manage to keep up with the latest trends. And the biggest downside of it all? The negative environmental impact you won’t read about on any packaging. Regardless of the endless claims about how natural the products of the high-selling organic beauty brands are, the truth of the matter is that without some of the toxic ingredients their shelf life will be cut in half. So what’s the alternative? Return to nature – it holds the answers to all of your problems. When it comes to maintaining healthy hair and skin, there is one ingredient that will replace half of your beauty products. The majority of them probably already contain it. Drumroll please: it’s coconut oil! If you still haven’t experienced the miraculous effect of its properties, here a few ways you can use pure coconut oil for hair and skin.

What kind of coconut oil should I use?

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There are many variations of coconut oil on the market, and the most common question that I get asked is ‘Can I use coconut oil for cooking on my skin?’ I wouldn’t advise you to, and here’s why. The coconut oil that’s marketed for cooking is usually refined. It’s still a certified organic product, but it has different properties. The refined coconut oil is derived from dried coconuts and has no scent, or taste, which is the reason why it’s used for cooking. However, during the refining process, the coconut oil decreases the values of some of its natural substances, such as antioxidants and polyphenols. In order to take advantage of the full spectrum of healthy properties that the coconut oil holds, you need to use extra virgin coconut oil. It’s unrefined, made from fresh coconuts, and has that signature coconut taste and smell that we’re familiar with. Here are some of the benefits of pure coconut oil for hair and skin.

Coconut oil benefits for your hair

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One of the most commonly known properties of coconut oil is that it’s a natural moisturizer, and it’s been used as such for centuries. Coconut oil contains fatty acid and lauric acid, which help reduce protein loss. Here’s how to use pure coconut oil for hair for luscious locks all year round.

Bring back life to your dry and damaged hair

The way coconut oil works when applied to your hair is the following: it creates a protective barrier around the hair’s outermost layer, and locks in moisture, which prevents your hair from drying out.  Because coconut oil has the ability to penetrate inside the hair shaft, it minimizes structural breakage caused by combing or exposure to high heat.

A remedy for dandruff

The main reason why dandruff occurs is due to a fungal infection of the scalp. 100% pure coconut oil has antifungal properties, which makes it your most loyal ally in the fight against the stubborn dandruff. Massage coconut oil into your scalp to reduce flakiness and inflammation.

Superfood for hair growth

Excessive hairstyling, chemical trauma caused by hair dyes, and thermal damage are one of the few reasons why your hair stops growing. Over time, it becomes much harder for your hair to repair, which leaves it worn and tired. For intense hair nourishment you can apply coconut oil to your whole hair, put a shower cap or a bonnet on your head and leave it overnight. Wash your hair in the morning to remove any excess oil. Do this two -three times a month, and you’ll see the results in no time!

Benefits of coconut oil for 4c hair

Coily hair, or type 4 hair, is incredibly prone to breakage, and the 4c type hair is the most fragile of all. The tightness and density of the coils prevents a lot of the natural oils that your scalp produces to travel to the ends of the hair. Not only that, but this hair type doesn’t retain much moisture either, so it gets dry and damaged much faster. While you can apply pure coconut oil on your scalp for nutritious and oil control purposes, it’s probably not the most effective remedy for the dryness of your hair strands. Virgin coconut oil is quite heavy because of the saturation of fats in it, and unfortunately the 4c type curls aren’t porous enough to absorb it into the hair shaft.

Is pure coconut oil good for your skin?

The moisturizing and nourishing effect of coconut oil is most certainly not limited only to your hair. Being the largest organ on your body, your skin requires extra tender care. The miraculous properties of coconut oil have been known to help treat wounds and scars, skin diseases, as well as dryness, cold sores and many more. Let’s look at some of the biggest advantages of pure coconut oil for your skin.

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Natural remedy for stretch marks

Stretch marks are an incredibly common occurrence for people from all ages and genders. They are formed by sudden stretching or shrinking of the skin which causes the collagen and elastin that your skin contains to break, therefore form those white lines also known as stretch marks.  100% pure coconut oil can help heal the scarring caused by the stretching of the skin and reduce the visibility of the white lines.

Skin diseases treated with ease

Pure coconut oil is known to have antibacterial properties, which help in the fight against the damage caused by microorganisms. It’s incredibly effective for treating skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Pure coconut oil penetrates the skin quickly and reduces inflammation, which helps with itching and dryness.

Coconut oil for cold sores – does it help?

Because coconut oil contains lauric acid and monolaurin, it has incredible antimicrobial properties. It has a calming effect on the skin, and while it may not be the fastest solution for cold sores, it does reduce swelling and promotes faster healing. Keep in mind that coconut oil is essentially a fat, so using pure coconut oil for hair and skin should be done in small dosages in order to avoid breakouts if you have more oily skin.



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