How long does hair grow in a month? Ways to make your hair grow faster!

by Anjelina

Having long hair remains an eternal symbol of femininity. While many fashion trends are pushing short and medium-length hairstyles, more women prefer to have long, thick, and glamorous hair. However, long hair requires a lot of effort and care to keep it healthy and looking good. Often, many questions arise related to long hair. How long does hair grow in a month? In a year? How to make our hair grow faster? Today we’re going to answer the questions we most often ask when it comes to long, healthy hair!

How long does hair grow in a month?

how long does hair grow in a month tips and tricks improve hair growth

An exact answer to the question of how long hair grows in a month cannot be given. There are many factors that affect hair growth, and the rate of hair growth is different for everyone. Genetic factors are thought to play a role, as well as climate change. According to some studies, hair grows faster in the summer and during daylight hours. But in general, hair grows about 0.4-0.6 inches (1-1.5 cm) per month. In addition to hair growth, daily hair loss occurs, which most often we simply do not notice. In a year, hair can grow by about 4.5-6 inches (12-15 cm), but again we say that it depends a lot on its condition and the factors we mentioned above.

Ways to make your hair grow faster!

ways to make your hair grow faster and longer


Although hair growth is heavily influenced by genetics, there are ways to speed it up. We need to get a few important steps right that will most likely lead to the desired results. Here they are!

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1. Natural oils

natural oils for hair growth rosemary eucalyptus accelerate hair growth

We can’t help but mention the beneficial properties of natural oils that make hair more elastic and restore it to a normal, healthy state. The most suitable are rosemary and eucalyptus oils, which help a lot with hair loss and accelerate hair growth.

2. Vitamin intake

vitamin intake b5 c e for intensive hair growth

To protect your hair from breakage and provide it with what it needs to grow, you should take vitamins such as B5, E and C. They will stimulate intensive hair growth and can protect it from harmful UV rays.

3. Head massage

scalp massage for hair growth stimulate blood circulation improve metabolic processe

Head massage is one of the best ways to stimulate blood circulation and improve metabolic processes in the scalp. To stimulate good processes and hair growth, you must follow a few simple rules:

  1. Massage the scalp with light and circular, smooth movements.
  2. Stick to one level of finger pressure.
  3. Never use your fingernails.
  4. Massage regularly to maintain the effect.

4. Hair masks

hair mask egg yolk honey effective and easy to prepare

There are many homemade mask recipes for hair growth. The most popular ones often include aloe, honey, nettle and castor oil. They are effective and easy to prepare. We will share a recipe for a homemade hair mask with honey and egg yolk that have been considered one of the most effective ingredients for creating a mask for hair growth.


  • an egg yolk
  • 2 tablespoons honey


  1. Mix two tablespoons of honey and an egg yolk.
  2. Stir and gently rub the mixture into the roots of the hair.
  3. Let the mask stay for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water and shampoo.
  4. You can make this homemade mask once a week.

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