Scandi waves: How to recreate the beach hairstyle that every celebrity is wearing?

by Gabby

Hello, ladies! You are probably here, because you love to play with your hair and experiment. Well, who doesn’t? We often straighten it, curl it, cut it, or dye it. There are millions of trends that we have tried out and some of them were flops, but some of them were the best thing that has ever happened to our hair. In recent years, a Danish hairdresser, Nicci Welsh, came up with the Scandinavian techniques that we now know as the “scandi waves”. Have you tried it yet? If not, grab your flat irons and let’s see how we can recreate this hairstyle that almost every celebrity has worn at least once!

Scandi waves: How to recreate these effortless beach style curls?

scandi waves hairstyle beach curls tutorial heatless hair trends

Spring is almost here, and what does your hair say about you? We often express ourselves with the way we look and 2023 will be all about the minimalistic and effortless looks. People are starting to wear less and less makeup, the “clean girl” aesthetic is what everyone is adapting currently and the same goes for the hair. The scandi waves gives you this vibe and as I love to describe them, they are the “no makeup makeup” trend but for hair. They look like you just woke up like that with those beautiful beachy curls, which makes them perfect for the spring/summer time. So how do you recreate the look of beach waves without them looking pompous and fluffy? In fact, this is where Nicci Welsh comes into the picture and impresses us with her impeccable technique! By the way, the DeaVita team has prepared a tutorial that you can try from the comfort of your home. Indeed, there is no need at all to go to the hairdresser to achieve this style, it is wonderfully simple to achieve! Well… let’s go!

How do you make scandi waves?

If you have somewhere important to go and you need a last-minute hairstyle, this is THE ONE for you! I mean after all, we see Hailey Bieber rocking this hairdo almost everywhere she goes! It is easy to recreate and all you are going to need is a hair straightener and a hairbrush. But first:

  • Prepare your hair straightener, it should be hot and ready!
  • Brush your hair super well and make sure there is no freeze. Use a heat protecting product all over the hair.
  • Separate your hair into sections.
  • Depending on the size of your curls, take a section near the root and run it through the straightener in an S shape and alternating directions all the way down the hair shaft. The idea is not to give volume, but to obtain flat curls.

Now watch the tutorial for more detailed instructions and you are going to see how easy it is to achieve this perfect hairstyle! And for the girls with a Clavicut haircut in 2023, the scandi waves will be a MUST!

How to create the beach waves with NO HEAT

There’s nothing better than being able to achieve the perfect hairstyle and WITHOUT HEAT. Lately I like to spare my hair and avoid even blow-drying it too much. My hair gets dry and not to mention how much damage there is afterwards. That’s why this method you’ll see in the video will become your favorite. It’s normally done before you go to sleep, so that the braids can make the most defined curls, which will then you can brush off a little bit for this casual beach hairstyle. Keep in mind that you should not braid the hair from the root, because as Chris Appleton mentions in the video, you will get this voluminous 80s effect and this is not what we aim for.

If you are in a hurry, and you don’t want to sleep in with the braids, there is an option: you can use a little bit of heat to go over your braids with the flat iron, which will still require less heat than if you start doing the technique with no braids. Now go ahead and watch the video and enjoy your heatless scandi waves!

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Photo Gallery for more inspiration

beach waves scandi hairstyle trends


Hailey Bieber beach hairstyle

hailey bieber hairstyle scandi waves

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Scandi waves hairstyle with bangs

beach hairstyle scandi waves hair spring trends 2023

The perfect spring/summer hairstyle 2023

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Kim Kardashian: beach waves hairstyle

kim kardashian beach waves scandi hairstyle trend

Spring hair trends 2023

scandi waves braids beach hairstyle spring summer 2023

Bob haircut with scandi waves

bob haircut with scandi waves spring hair trends 2023


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