Should I straighten my hair before I curl it? Check out The PROS and CONS!

by Gabby

If you’re like me and your hair is hard to style, you probably have to use a lot of products and heat to achieve the perfect hairdo. You’ve probably tried all sorts of methods and can’t seem to find what works best for your hair. Today I’m going to answer the question I’ve been asking myself for a long time: Should I straighten my hair before I curl it? Let’s find out if this is what it takes to achieve the perfect hairstyle!

should i straighten my hair before i curl it

Should I straighten my hair before I curl it?

You are probably wondering how to achieve the perfect curls that can last all day long. Well this can be a tricky business for sure. Many girls are grabbing their flat irons with the hope that this will fix the problem. Yes, this can be helpful in the way that you will take care of these piece of hair that are sticking out. However, there are many factors to be taking into consideration. Let’s dive into the pros and cons before you make a final decision of what to do with your hair.

Straightening hair before curling it: Pros

If your hair is naturally wavy and freezy, using the right product and your flat iron prior to creating curls, can be actually beneficial. It can really help you get the job done easily since the hair will be ready for the curls. In that case though, you really have to be careful with the products that you are going to apply. Since you are using more heat than usual, use something super moisturizing and hear-protection spray. And if you are a natural curly girl, please don’t damage your hair by straightening it. Check out the super trendy curly hairstyles in 2023 that you can adapt easily and look flawless!


Do I even have to begin explaining how damaging this double heat usage will be to your hair? There are other ways to achieve the perfect curls, and personally I don’t think you should straighten your hair prior to curling. Think about how you are frying your hair ends once, and draining all the moisture from your hair, to only do it once again afterward. You should consider the fact that your hair needs some time to heal. This method is something that I would not recommend to anyone, who wants to keep their mane shiny and healthy. There are many tricks you can use for heatless curling that actually works.

Heatless curls overnight method

Have you seen this method for heatless curls overnight? I was very skeptical at first, since people were eagerly buying this satin tools that will help you with this look. However, you don’t have to use them and splurge on something you are not so sure about. You can try the method at home using leggings, your bathrobe belt, tights, etc. People on TikTok even turned it into a trend and some of them actually had amazing results. Go ahead and check it out! As for the tutorial, it is easy and it will not do any damage to your hair! I know that recently you have probably been persuaded into believing that you NEED the Dyson Airwrap to have that effortless hairstyle, however this video will show you that you don’t have to spend the 700 dollars.

Easy way to curl your hair with NO HEAT

heatless curls methods easy hairstyle ideas


This method here is one of the easiest out there! All you are going to need is a headband and not more than 3 minutes of your time. What you have to do is grab pieces of hair and create this “donut” with them. You have to tuck them in just as shown on the photo. You can damp your hair a little bit, if you don’t want to wait for the curls overnight. You can continue with your daily routine and after two hours, you will have the perfect curly hairstyle!

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