Micro Fringe is Back in 2023: Emphasize Your Eyes with One of 7 Cute Looks

by Snezhana Besarabova

Micro fringe haircut, the hairstyle that highlights your eyebrows and eyes, is coming back in 2023! And there is one special accent in its arrival – it reveals that any type of hair may have these cute micro bangs. If you want to change your look without touching the length of your hair and its color, micro fringe is a perfect way to do this. The fringe is in front of your face, and its hairstyling makes a really remarkable change to your look. We have chosen for you the most remarkable micro fringe haircuts that may inspire you to renew your look. Let’s take a look at them!

Chin-Length blunt cut with semi-short fringe

micro fringe 2023 chin length cut semi short fringe

Unlike the classic bob, the chin-length blunt cut may totally change your appearance, in combination with semi-short fringe. This solution allows you to show off your heart-shaped face. It suits women with thick hair and looks perfect when left to its natural texture.

It may look even more beautiful showing off your features, if you keep the volume and the length through the ends. The best approach to obtain added effect is to create loose waves, using a small curling iron. A light-hold hair spray can be used to achieve a hold with flexibility.

Two-toned hair with micro fringe

micro fringe 2023 two toned hair with micro fringe


Two-toned hair and micro fringe is a style that makes a special accent to your hair color. An experienced stylist knows that when highlighting the hair, it allows reducing the level of care required. That means less breakage and more health for your hair.

Trendy shaggy mullet with rounded micro fringe haircut

trendy shaggy mullet with rounded micro fringe 2023

The trendy shaggy mullet with rounded micro fringe haircut has long been a popular style and still is. That’s because this haircut is a successful way to have a modern, edgy look, at the same time, without having to cut your long hair. An interesting variant of the shaggy mullet with rounded micro fringe would be if the stylist will make a layered cut that’ll give you more texture and volume.

Curved micro fringe on white thin hair

micro fringe 2023 curved micro fringe on white thin hair

White thin hair looks pretty good with a curved micro fringe. It makes any lady look younger. That’s why, when you have fine aging hair, you may consider this curved micro fringe. The look is in full harmony with the modern trends. This type of curved micro fringe beautifully frames the face and gives fullness to your hair.

Micro fringe with a razor cut shag

micro fringe 2023 with a razor cut shag


The razor-cut shag with a micro fringe is a sign of stylish and edgy appearance. With this style, you are sure to make an impact. The micro bangs with a razor cut shag allow receiving an extra texture and volume without compulsory full-on fringe. In addition to this, it can be dressed down or dressed up with ease. This style can be achieved by a master hairstylist with high expertise, in order for the haircut to emphasize your features.

You may keep this hairstyle fresh with products like sea salt sprays or mousse. After applying the product, it’s recommended to blow dry your fringe, keeping it forward. The result will be a lively look.

Pretty messy bob with choppy micro fringe

pretty messy bob with choppy micro fringe 2023

If you want an edgy hairstyle with a sophisticated look, you may try the cute choppy micro fringe. One of the best variants of this style is the messy bob with choppy micro fringe. This haircut will be great for women with fine hair that is a little bit wavy as well. An experienced stylist with a sense of harmony may form your hair with long layers at the crown and shorter ones near the cheeks and eyes. Style your hair with mousse and dry it in sections, which will create volume and texture. At the end, use a hair spray to keep the form of the hairstyle.

Micro fringe with textured angled bob

micro fringe 2023 with textured angled bob

If you want to look edgy and modern, you may try the micro fringe with textured angled bob. The style is superb for women that strive to make a statement. And this is possible to be done without losing your ease and comfort. You may ask the stylist to cut the hair, leaving shorter layers at the back and slightly longer in the front, thus creating motion and volume.

In this style, it is not desirable to use many products, in order not to weigh down the hair. You may use lightweight styling serum or cream to emphasize the natural shine of your hair.


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