Do baby bangs suit everyone? Find out experts’ tips for styling your micro fringe!

by Kremy

Do you need to update your look without cutting or dying your hair? How can you do that? Get trendy bangs! It is not a secret that the right choice of bangs can transform any face. Ultra-fashionable baby bangs can add freshness and playfulness to your look! But do baby bangs suit everyone? How can you style micro bangs and maintain their perfect look? We have all the answers and you will find them in the paragraphs below!

What exactly are baby bangs?

Do baby bangs suit everyone how to style micro fringe

Baby bangs (also known as baby fringe, micro or tiny bangs, mini fringe), became popular a few years ago and they remain trendy even in 2023. Many Hollywood stars and models have already tried this micro fringe trend. So, baby bangs are cut short, actually very short, above the eyebrows and their origin dates back to the 1960s and 70s. The micro fringe only comes down an inch or two onto the forehead. What are the advantages of baby bangs? Let’s see!

What exactly are baby bangs

  • On the first place, this type of bangs is super trendy. It is a bright and creative highlight and is suitable for short, medium length and long hairstyles.
  • Accentuates facial features, especially the eyes.
  • Very short bangs visually change the appearance making the features more pronounced.
  • Micro bangs are easy to care for, as all you need is a hair dryer and a brush.
  • Baby fringe is perfect for absolutely any hair type and texture, from fine to thick.

Do baby bangs suit everyone?

Do baby bangs suit everyone

Haircuts with micro fringe look creative and bold. Ultra-short baby bangs are currently in trend but we come to the question – Do baby bangs suit everyone? Unfortunately, baby bangs do not suit all women. You have to be careful with ultra-short bangs. Before cutting, you should consider several factors. So, who should and who shouldn’t try the baby bangs?

  • Baby bangs are the perfect choice for women with round and oval face shape.
  • If you have a delicate face and petite features, baby bangs are created for you.
  • Women with wide cheekbones or a sharp chin (heart shape) should choose straight bangs, bottleneck or curtain bangs that will give a softer look to your features.
  • If you have a square face, consider other options, because baby bangs will accent the angles and make them look even sharper.

who should try baby bangs

It is now clear that baby bangs, emphasize both the advantages of the face, and its flaws. It is impossible to hide forehead wrinkles or fine lines with ultra-short bangs. One more consideration that is rarely mentioned – your eyebrows. Due to the fact that baby bangs end above the eyebrows, they become a very visible part of the face. You cannot hide them so you need to make sure they are always in perfect condition. Keep an eye on eyebrow trends and learn how to do the natural eyebrow makeup look. Always remember that perfectly styled eyebrows are what looks good with baby bangs.

How to style the trendy baby bangs?

How to style the trendy micro fringe

Baby bangs come in different variations. Depending on the shape of bangs you choose and how you style the fringe, you can refresh your appearance and make it playful or emphasize your femininity and sensuality. Micro bangs can be thick, slightly asymmetrical and even dyed. Here are some of the most popular baby bangs variations.

Blunt baby bangs

blunt baby bangs trendy fringe micro bangs

Blunt baby bangs can be worn with both straight and wavy or curly hair texture. When combined with a trendy bob hairstyle, the overall impression makes quite a statement.

Straight short bangs

straight baby bangs trend 2023

Usually, this type of fringe is thick and straight. It requires a clear cut and is suitable for long and short hairstyles.

Choppy Baby Bangs

choppy baby bangs with medium length hair

It is eccentric and extraordinary and visually rejuvenates the face. Depending on the angle in which the hair is cut, you can make the bangs soft and calm or more daring and noticeable. Graduated bangs well soften the sharp features of square, round and triangular face.

Wispy baby bangs

wispy short bangs trends 2023 micro fringe

Wispy baby bangs give a modern look and are a good choice for women who are not afraid to experiment and go very well with wavy and curly hair textures. If you prefer bold hairstyles, go for the wispy micro fringe!

Asymmetrical baby bangs

asymmetrical micro bangs with short haircut

Asymmetrical baby bangs are uneven, cut at an angle with one side shorter than the other. Having in mind that we are talking about very short fringe, the asymmetrical variation is really extravagant and creates a unique look.

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