Vintage Bob Hairstyle is THE hairstyle trend for short hair in 2023! Just see how chic it looks

by Kristiyana

Short hair, long hair, layered cuts with bangs, cool bangs-the trendy hairstyles for 2023 are more versatile than ever and are super fun. Hairstyle trends may come and go, but there are some classics that will stay with us forever. And that’s the case with the good old bob cut! With its countless variations, the bob is constantly reinvented and always feels modern and elegant. But just when we thought we’d seen it all, a brand-new look has caught our attention in the recent days. Beautifully casual, extremely chic and with a lovely retro charm—the vintage bob hairstyle is the new favourite of all fashionistas. It has already taken our hearts and social media by storm. Fancy a little hairstyle update? Then read on and find out what exactly makes up the vintage bob!

Vintage Bob hairstyle: This is how chic the haircut looks


Whether it’s a short bob hairstyle or a sassy 2023 pixie, short-length hairstyles are super in this year. If you’ve also been toying with the idea of cutting your hair lately, the vintage bob hairstyle might be just what you need! Although the hype is brand new, the bob hairstyle isn’t though. The retro haircut finds its origins in the 70s and is making a huge comeback 50 years later. Unlike the classic bob, the hair in the vintage bob hairstyle is slightly shorter and ends at about chin level. In addition, the short tips are also complemented with soft layers, which makes for a wonderfully light and pleasant feeling. The fine bangs add extra volume and texture and make our hair look fuller.



To complete the light and airy look, we complement the vintage bob hairstyle with slight bangs with curved edges. The trendy hairstyle frames the face perfectly, brings out our natural and beautiful facial features and provides a playful yet elegant touch. And another advantage? The bangs can also be used to conceal small wrinkles on the forehead, so you can quickly hide 10 years if over 60 with this haircut.

Who can wear the Vintage Bob?


More pros to this new trendy haircut? It exists—the ultimate hairstyle that suits absolutely all women perfectly! The vintage bob hairstyle is incredibly versatile and can therefore be wonderfully adapted to every hair type and face shape. The choppy ends make thin hair look much more voluminous and lively. Thicker hair, on the other hand, loses a little of its heaviness through the layered cut and thus feels much lighter.

How is the trendy hairstyle styled in 2023?


Why do we love the vintage bob hairstyle? The trendy hairstyle not only looks super chic, but is also very easy to style. To show off the edgy tips and bangs to their best advantage, we prefer to wear the retro hairstyle in the popular undone look. So you don’t need to style the cut for too long. Let the hair air dry, then lightly shape it with a little hair gel and your vintage bob hairstyle is ready! For the full effect and blowout à la 70s, use a hairdryer and a round brush. The styling may take a little longer in this case, but it’s definitely worth it. You’ll see.


If you like it a little more playfulness, you can also style the vintage bob hairstyle with gentle beach waves. The fine curls visually create the illusion of more volume and dynamism, and the hairstyle feels super light and refreshing. But whether with a blowout, beach waves or an undone look, the vintage bob hairstyle is always a great eye-catcher and gives our hair a modern update with a subtle retro touch.

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