Natural remedies for heartburn- Feel better in an instance with these tips!

by Leanne Edwards

You’ve just finished enjoying your favourite meal. All of a sudden, you are caught out by a startling, burning pain that’s searing down your throat to your chest. It’s the dreaded heartburn attacking you again, and you’re feeling quite agitated. It’s usually caused by eating spicy or deep-fried fatty foods. So, if you are a lover of all things hot like me, you may want to think twice before you ladle that extra chilli sauce on! Don’t worry, there are ways you can ease the burning sensation in your chest. I’m about to explain just those natural remedies for heartburn, so I bet you are thinking, “yes, that’s me – what should I do?.” Why not get yourself settled down with a nice cup of your favourite tea and let’s get started!

Are there any natural remedies for heartburn for fast relief
herbal tea time for pregnant lady

Try to steer clear of alcohol and caffeine, such as coffee and black tea. These will only agitate your oesophageal lining even more. Drinking chamomile, mint, thyme or lavender tea is absolutely fine. I would actually advise you on doing so. Also, something many people don’t know – smoking also affects the pain level, so if you are a smoker, try to refrain from doing so for a while. Some natural remedies for heartburn include baking soda. Try a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water, but make sure it is soda and not powder! I’m saying this because there is a large difference between the two, and you’re looking to sort your heartburn out, not bake a pastry!

What can I drink to get rid of heartburn fast?

coconut milk for your healthy diet


Best advised to drink for calming and soothing your pain would be any type of plant based milk. This could include: coconut, oat, almond, soy and so on. Non-fizzy coca-cola also will do the job, if you have no milk to hand.

Oh, pain, will you ever go away?!

mint and ginger calming drinkas
If you’ve started to give up on life and have resorted to laying down, don’t worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Here, I’m going to explain what are natural remedies for heartburn that you can use. Have you ever tried ginger rocks? Those little crystallized, sweets you can get at your local grocery store. Try one, and you will forget you were ever in pain.  Ginger root is also a very useful natural remedy painkiller and is used when strong toothache occurs. Also, were you aware that the banana fruit actually contains antacids, making this the perfect little snack to get rid of the annoyance you’re feeling in your chest! Mainly used to get rid of bad breath, but did you know that if you boil some water and add some mint, drinking the water will provide a calming resolution to your discomfort. Ginger is a natural healer when it comes to morning sickness too! No one wants to spend their time hunched over the toilet, especially when you’re carrying a little one. It can be taken as a supplement, as a tea, or just as it is.

Some natural remedies for heartburn to try at home!

staying away from the heat Natural remedies for heartburn

Have you thought about the fact that you may actually have a diet which induces the risk of “GERD” otherwise known as Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease aka heartburn? If you are consuming quite a few spicy meals a week or if you happen to be a fan of fatty foods, my advice would be to tone it down. Try to limit the amount of chilli you are in-taking. I, myself, absolutely love all the spiciness, but I hate dealing with the aftermath of pain. I have now limited it down to just once or twice a week.

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Also, just so you know, it is extremely important to watch the way in which you are consuming foods and drinks. Everyone has been in that situation where you’re laid on the sofa, watching a film and munching on some snacks. This is when the inevitable heartburn decides to start plotting revenge. The best advice I can give you would be to sit up-right when eating or drinking anything. Also avoid eating fried or greasy food as this will only add to the issue! This will prevent air getting trapped where it shouldn’t be, thus stopping the heartburn making an appearance.

How to naturally relieve heartburn during pregnancy?

How to naturally relieve heartburn during your pregnancy

Good question, which I would love to answer. As a mother myself, I suffered immensely with the dreaded heartburn quite a lot during my pregnancy. I found that eating softer veggies such as carrots, broccoli and soft-boiled potatoes really aided me, and I was able to enjoy my food with heartburn afterwards. I’ll just add that, seeing as though the air-fryers are quite an effective and quick way to prepare these, but you can also boil them all up on the stove. To make it slightly more interesting and tasty, add in some salt and pepper. Chopped chives and olives are a great addition too! If you are feeling particularly naughty, chuck in some of your favourite cheese! Yum! Another little snack idea that I loved was fruit bowls and fresh yogurt. Chopped up apples, banana and pineapple with some luscious cooled yogurt was amazing, and I still love it today.

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Fruity bowl with fresh yogurt Natural remedies for heartburn

Hopefully I’ve given you some assistance on what natural medicine is good for heartburn and what stops heartburn immediately. From now on, you will know how to keep the pain at bay!

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