How to wear heels without pain in your feet? Is it possible ?

by Kremy

Hi girls! Are there fans of high heels? Then you know for a fact how painful it can be. High heels are stylish, super feminine and sexy. They can make you look taller and slimmer, but at what cost? In the short term, they can cause unpleasant and sometimes even bleeding wounds on your toes. Yes, they will heal in a few days. But in the long run, uncomfortable shoes can permanently deform your toes. To avoid all this, you can take a few steps in advance and we will list them below to help you. The research is absolutely independent and has even been tested here in the DeaVita office. So, let’s check the results and finally answer the question: How to wear heels without pain in your feet?

Here’s how to wear heels without pain in your feet!

How to wear heels without pain in your feet

Stiletto high heels are the most feminine shoes, but they’re also one of the most uncomfortable models you can buy. However, there are a few clever solutions you can try to reduce the pain, unless your day feels like a half marathon. In that case, it’s best to opt for white sneakers, which can go with any outfit.

If you decide to go for those red Louboutin soles or some other piece of art that will accessorize your outfit, it’s best to spend some time thinking about and picking the right model and size. To do this, go shopping at the end of the day, when your feet are a little swollen from sitting or walking all day. If the heels don’t feel comfortable immediately after trying them on, they probably never will be. This is when you need to make a smart decision. Even if the model is unique and really amazing, think about your health first and change them to another brand or model don’t fit your feet.

High heel pain relief insole

Insoles for high heels


It’s a must have for all women! We won’t be promoting any brands here, we’ll just describe the options available to you and the best insoles according to our team. In terms of material, you can choose between gel or leather insoles. They will both reduce pressure and provide extra support for your feet, but the first option is easier to maintain. It can also be more flexible, depending on the brand you choose.

Regarding the form, there are:

  • Heel Pads – designed to relieve heel pain, these insoles absorb shock when walking.
  • Metatarsal pads – Placed towards the front of the shoe, this type of insole provides relief to the forefoot. This is especially important when the shoes don’t have a platform.
  • Full Insoles – these cover the entire length of the shoe, providing extra support for the entire foot, even the arch of the foot.

After testing all of them, we can say that the gel insole is the most popular. If you find it with a sticky side, it’s even better, because you can wear it even with high-heeled sandals. They are usually transparent, so no need to worry about aesthetics.

Silicone toe separator

tips to wear heels without pain in your feet

Toe separators are made of gel or soft rubber. They are not suitable for high heels, but you can consider wearing them after taking off your shoes. This will relieve you faster and prevent your fingers from becoming deformed. You can put them on when you are relaxing at home, but you can also walk around with them in case you are wearing slippers. After a long day of wearing high heels, you can spend the night in sneakers. In this case, you can also wear toe separators.

Wearing heels every day: Is it a good idea?

tips for wearing heels all day

When you wear high heels all day, it is important to rest. But that doesn’t mean you have to take them off, because if your feet swell, you’ll have a hard time putting them back on and they’ll hurt even more.

Another trick is to use shoes with different heels – stiletto heels, Cuban heels or wedge heels – to avoid too much pressure or friction in one area.




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