How to wear sneakers after 50? Tips and tricks for a dazzling look!

by Kremy

How do you like to style your clothes? Are you a classic beauty who honors traditional styles at every event or are you an eccentric fashionista who likes to mix and match? By the way, do you like to flirt with a certain style, but not go all the way because of your age? Well, here at DeaVita, we like to think of age as just a number 2023 fashion trends apply to all of us and sneakers are in this year! So, find out how to wear sneakers after 50 to achieve a star-like look!

How to wear sneakers after 50 to look younger?

shoe trend 2023 women

Sneakers were widely accepted as nothing more than athletic shoes. However, the working girl of the 80s, with messy hair and an impeccable suit, put them on for the first time and enchanted the whole world. For business women, sneakers may seem like a big NO, but it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to mix classic business style with casual style. Not only will your feet will thank you, but you’ll look younger and feel much more comfortable than wearing high heels for nine hours straight!

How to wear sneakers with a skirt?

can you wear sneakers with a skirt


To get the casual look, what you need to do is simple. Sneakers are quite versatile, nevertheless there are types of skirts and fabrics to avoid, most certainly at the age of 50. For example, miniskirts, pencil skirts (although we love them) and long flowing skirts are not the most appropriate to wear sneakers. On the other hand, denim is the perfect accessory for an impeccable casual street style. Blend this styling with trendy colors and shades.

how to wear sneakers with a skirt

If you are a more traditional woman with a classic style, opt for the plaid skirt. However, don’t overload it with the shoes, keep the style simple by choosing white sneakers and a bag and a blouse of neutral or dark color. It is also a perfect skirt when you want to hide your belly.

How to wear sneakers with a dress?

how to wear sneakers with a dress

In fact, wearing a dress is not always necessary for a fancy event or a business activity. Dresses have become much more casual in recent years and wearing sneakers with them has become the norm. Pairing your sneakers with an oversized dress that looks like a shirt is also a trick to look younger. By the way, another completely dazzling option that considerably rejuvenates a woman is the wrap dress! The sneaker-dress combo is very reminiscent of the style of the year 2000, when celebrities went to red carpet events wearing this look. Well, they also made the fatal mistake of wearing jeans underneath and big bug-eyed sunglasses, but we’d rather overlook that fashion mistake. And to complete the style, look for the 2023 trendy hairstyles for women over 50.

Casual look

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J Lo looks stunning dressed all in white and finishes off her sporty look with white sneakers. With her hair up and no makeup look, she creates an appearance like she’s at the gym.. You can still look stylish while exercising.

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For a daily outing in fall or late winter, put on your favorite oversized sweater and light jeans. To accessorize, opt for bags in a less traditional style, such as a faux fur bag or a plush bag. This is the perfect cocooning clothing style for drinking hot chocolate or taking a walk under the tender touch of the sun’s rays.

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Last, but not least, is the eternal jumper that comes in many shapes and sizes. Combine it with a long-sleeve shirt, it’s still winter after all!

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