How to relieve wisdom teeth pain at home – 12 natural remedies

by Kremy

How to relieve wisdom teeth pain at home

Toothache is the most annoying thing that can happen on a day off or late at night when there is no opportunity to go to the dental clinic. Wisdom teeth pain is especially troublesome and in addition to the feeling of discomfort it can be a signal for more serious problems.

Wisdom teeth get their name due to the late appearance. A wisdom tooth appears when a person becomes an adult and is considered to be wiser than before. According to statistics these teeth appear around the age of 18-20. They appear after all the others and there were no primary teeth in their place so the process is more or less painful. The wisdom tooth hurts in a special way – the pain can be on the entire gum, the throat can be inflamed, the opening of the jaw decreases, the pain may move towards the ear and head, the temperature may rise as well.

One of the most common reasons for wisdom teeth pain is the development of cavity. Very often, a wisdom tooth begins to grow and there is no room for it in the dentition. This causes a wrong position and creates a dangerous situation in which other teeth may be harmed. In such cases, dentists recommend the removal of a wisdom tooth to prevent crowding of teeth which will lead to improper bite and need of teeth alignment with braces or aligners. Many people think that there is no sense to save this tooth as it does not affect the functionality of the jaw. However, if there is a possibility, a dentist will always try to save the wisdom tooth.


How to relieve wisdom teeth pain at home?

apply ice for wisdom tooth pain home remedies tips


If you suffer wisdom teeth pain and you do not have the opportunity to go to the dentist immediately, you need to how to relieve the pain at home in a short time, partially or completely.

Apply ice – this is the first and most obvious measure to feel a relief and reduce swelling as well. Just grab some ice cubes from the freezer, wrap it in a towel and apply it to the swollen area. This will also help the inflammation go down as well.

salt and water to relieve wisdom tooth pain

Salt is one of the most common home remedies to relieve wisdom tooth pain. It has antimicrobial, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties and even dentists recommend this type of home treatment. It is the easiest and most effective way to relieve tooth pain. Here is what you need to do:

Stir in two tablespoons of salt into a glass of water until the salt is completely dissolved. Rinse with the salty water and then spit it out. Repeat every few hours. An option is to mix salt with a few drops of water to get a paste. You can apply the paste over the tooth that is casing the pain.

home remedies for toothache lemon juice and salt paste

Lemon juice and salt paste – this is a variation of the main salt paste. It is well known that Lemon has anti-inflammatory properties and is a great natural pain reliever. The combination between salt and lemon is a very effective tooth pain remedy. One thing that you need to remember is that lemon juice is acidic and you need to dilute it. Otherwise it may be too abrasive for tooth enamel. Here is how to do it:

You need the juice of half a lemon, a few drops of water and a pinch of salt. Dilute the lemon juice with some water and add salt. Apply to the tooth.

how to relieve toothache at home baking soda and toothpaste


Baking soda is another widely popular home remedy. It has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and successfully helps swelling and relieves pain. Usually, baking soda is applied on the aching tooth as a paste. Combine some toothpaste with baking soda and apply directly on the affected tooth. The paste will quickly soothe the swollen and painful areas in your mouth.

toothache remedies natural ingredients to relieve pain

Onion does not enjoy great popularity as a wisdom teeth pain killer due to the smell. However, its antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiseptic and pain relieving properties make it one of the most affordable home remedies. Onion contains phytochemicals which attack the germs causing an infection. People find it disturbing to chew raw onion, but when you are in pain you just do what you have to do! For a better result, choose red or yellow onions. Simply cut a piece of onion and chew it on the side of the pain. You can do that several times a day. When chewing is difficult, you can apply slices of onion directly on the affected areas.

natural ingredients for toothache relief garlic

Garlic has very similar properties as onion. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties of garlic make it an excellent home remedy for wisdom teeth pain. You need to crush a couple of garlic cloves, get the juice and apply it over the painful tooth or chew garlic cloves. You can do that several times per day.

how to relieve wisdom teeth pain at home with natural ingredients

Cucumber slices, unlike onion and garlic, taste much butter. They can relieve your tooth pain as well although they do not have much infection-fighting properties. You need to cut thin cucumber slices and place them in the fridge. Take out a slice and place it directly on the tooth. The coolness will have an immediate soothing effect.

clove and clove oil to relieve wisdom tooth pain

Clove is not widely popular but is an excellent for wisdom teeth pain relief. Clove has antibacterial, antiseptic, analgesic and anesthetic properties which help preventing an infection and fight pain quickly. You need to get some clove oil over a cotton ball and place it over the painful areas. You can do that several times a day. If you think that clove oil flavor is too strong, you can dilute it with some olive oil to make it milder.

peppermint and peppermint oil home remedies for toothache

Peppermint is one of the top home remedies for relieving tooth pain. It has exceptional anesthetic properties and is a great remedy for bacterial infections. You can use fresh leaves and place them on the painful area. Keep them in your mouth for about 20 minutes. Another option is to apply peppermint oil over the painful wisdom tooth with the help of a cotton swab and rinse your mouth with salt water. The third option is to place peppermint leaves into a cup of hot water and steep them for about 20 minutes. Let the mixture cool and use the mint water to gargle a few times per day.

oil pooling with coconut oil home remedies for toothache

Oil pulling with coconut oil is a great method to reduce inflammation and swelling. Coconut oil has many benefits and among its unique properties are the antimicrobial and analgesic qualities. How to do oil pooling? Take one tablespoon of coconut oil. Swish it in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes. Spit it out and rinse.

how to use lavender oil to relieve wisdom teeth pain at home

Lavender oil is another option for relieving wisdom tooth pain. You can use it in the same way as pepper min oil. Apply it directly on the affected area, use a cotton swab or massage the painful areas.

home remedies natural ingredients for toothache

Vanilla extract is a popular ingredient for baking and many people do not know that it can be used as tooth pain remedy. Due to the fact that vanilla is rich in antioxidants it works very effectively as a pain relief. You can rub vanilla extract on the affected area with your finger or soak a cotton ball into it and place it over the painful tooth. This method can be applied 2-3 times a day.

Ginger root wisdom tooth pain remedies at home

Ginger, due to its anti-bacterial properties, is another home remedy that can help you with wisdom tooth pain. You need a ginger root. Wash the root very well and cut it into small slices. Apply a slice on the affected area and keep it for 1015 minutes.

What to avoid when you suffer from wisdom teeth pain?

What to avoid when you suffer from wisdom teeth pain

If you suffer from wisdom teeth pain you need to realize that, first of all, it is a signal that inflammatory processes occur there and ignoring that may lead to bad consequences. Home remedies will help you relieve the pain but will not heal you. These are temporary solutions and if something works for you, it may not work for someone else. You need to see your dentist as soon as possible and severe pain needs an immediate attention from a doctor. In the meantime, avoid chewing hard food. This will make the pain worse. Drink a lot of water. Dehydration increases the risk of oral infections. Cut down the sugar intake as this is one of the main reasons for wisdom tooth infection. Make sure you brush your teeth after each meal. This will help keeping the infection to a minimum.



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