Beginner’s 30 Day Butt and Abs Challenge for Women – Get Strong and Toned at Home!

by Stephanie Yankova

The Holidays are over, we’re one month into the new year and if you, just like many of us, have decided to finally get serious about working out, then you’ve come to the right place for motivation! One of the most desired fitness goals for women is to get toned glutes and a firm waistline, which is exactly what we’re going to focus on here! Our team has prepared a super effective and doable 30 day butt and abs challenge that you can easily do in the comfort of your home! Let’s get started!

30 day butt and abs challenge for women at home workout exercises

30 Day Butt and Abs Challenge

Is it possible to get bigger, more toned glutes and a flat, sculptured stomach in just 30 days? It may not seem like a long time, but just like with many other things in life, consistency is the key to success! Our goal is to not only help you get in shape but also make your muscles stronger and increase your endurance. How are we going to do that? Keep reading to find out!

Why Do You Need Abs to Get Glutes?

There’s a reason why you often see butt and ab workouts paired together, and that’s because in order to build your glutes, you need to have a strong core to support those muscles.

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Glutes Exercise Benefits

woman doing glutes exercises at homme

First, we need to understand what the glutes are. This is the largest muscle area which makes up the area of your buttocks and provides support to your lower body – also known as your butt. This group is made up of 3 main muscles – the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. Thanks to these 3 muscles, you are able to perform various movements with your lower body.

But why is it important to train our glutes? By exercising this muscle group, you can significantly improve your posture, which is becoming a serious modern-age issue with so many people of all ages spending the majority of their time sitting behind a desk. Targeted exercises can also help with lower back pain, as well as strengthening your posterior chain.

Abs Exercise Benefits

woman doing plank at home 30 day abs challenge exercises

Our abdominal muscles, or abs for short, are the main reason why our body can move the way it does. This group consists of 3 major muscles – rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and obliques. Along with the muscles on your back, they make up your core muscles which keep your organs in place, protect your spine, and help you keep your balance. If you want to build up the strength to perform more heavy exercises in the future, it’s best to start with strengthening your core with movements that hit all the 3 major muscle groups.

This is another really important area in our body to keep in good shape, as it helps keep our posture straight, as well as perform basic movements such as bending, rotating, and twisting.

30 Day Butt Challenge

30 day butt challenge for women beginners

For our glutes, we’re going to perform only two exercises, which as simple as they may seem, are proven to give the best and quickest results for women – squats and wall sits! This challenge will require of you to gradually increase the number of sets per day. If some days you feel like the workout is too intense for you, feel free to spread out the sets throughout the day, as long as you’re hitting the goal!

Note: The butt and abs exercises should be combines in order to achieve the desired results on the 30-day mark!

If you’ve never done squats before and have no idea what’s the proper way to perform them – don’t worry! Take a look at the 2-minute video below to learn how to do them like a pro!

No idea how to do a wall sit either? That’s okay – we were all beginners at some point! Watch the video below and find out the proper way to execute this exercise!

30 Day Abs Challenge

30 day abs challenge for women beginnners

Do you know what’s the best exercise for women to get a toned stomach fast? You guessed it, the devil itself – plank! The longest 1 minute and 20 seconds of your life actually has more benefits for your physique than you can imagine! They strengthen your lower body like crazy, which over time helps to increase your flexibility, straighten your back, and relieve back pain. Consistent planking is also known to boost one’s metabolism when paired with a healthy and balanced diet. Let’s take a look at the correct way to execute this important exercise:

The other exercises we’ve included in our challenge are regular and reverse crunches, straight leg lifts, shoulder taps, and sit-ups. Just like with the butt exercises, we’re challenging you to gradually increase the number of sets one day at a time. I would personally suggest starting with the abs, and then moving on to the glutes, however, if you’re a beginner you can start with whatever feels more comfortable for you!

Watch the following videos to see how to do the rest of the exercises:

Reverse Crunches

Straight Leg Lifts

Shoulder Taps


How to Avoid Injuries While Working Out?

The first and most important thing to consider before performing any kind of physical exercise is any previous muscle traumas or health conditions. If you feel like your body is not responding well to the exercises, they’re causing you pain, or you find it difficult to perform them at the stated intensity, do NOT force yourself to complete them. Make sure that you’ve warmed up properly before each workout session to avoid muscle-straining, stay hydrated, and allow your body to rest!

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